Wednesday, November 7, 2012

preschool update.

It's been a full month since Choi Boy started preschool. And with four weeks under my little guy's belt, I thought I'd give an update on how things have been going.

I'll let CB speak for himself first.

Tell us how you really feel about school, CB.

Heehee. The hubs took these pictures before dropping CB off at school on his first day (I was already at work) and this one was just too good not to post!

All kidding aside, CB has really taken to school. He loves, loves, LOVES going to big boy school and is tickled to be going to school at Mommy's school. (My Kindergartners LOVE seeing CB at school, too! The way they coo over him is hilarious. ;) ) He is happy to go to school each morning and will give me a detailed play by play of what happened at school. He likes his teachers and his classmates and enjoys all of the activities and learning that happens at school. He readily talks about how he prefers school over his former daycare and how school is so! much! fun!

If you ask Choi Boy how he's doing at school, he will very candidly tell you, "I didn't listen today." or "I listened and obeyed just a little bit." And while part of me knows he's trying to be funny, another part of me is a little worried.

When I first told others about the preschool program CB is enrolled in, some of them quietly whispered, "Aren't you worried he'll pick up some of their behavior?" To which I calmly reminded, "Nope. I know the role of peer models are in place and have been for years because it works. And I think kids can all learn from each other, don't you?" And I left it at that. So, no, it's not that that I'm worried about.

Really, my greatest goal and hope for CB being in this preschool program is that he would learn to be kind and caring and respectful to anyone and everyone regardless of ability, while learning and enjoying school. I hope that he learns this and that it follows him throughout his schooling and throughout his life as a citizen of the world. Yes, it's a bit of a lofty goal, but I'm kind of an overachiever. ;)

When I hear CB talk about how he didn't listen at school (as much as he might be joking), it worries me that he is distracting other students or taking away the teachers' attention from others because he isn't listening and following the directions. It worries me that he may be being disrespectful or unkind when he chooses not to listen. CB's teachers reassure me that though he does sometimes need some redirection, overall, he is very sweet and fun and is a typical 3 year-old. But, I can't help but still worry!

Poor CB. Having a teacher as a momma can be hard. In an effort to not be overbearing or insist that my child is the best and the greatest, I tend to insist that the teachers be brutally honest with me and let me know where CB might need to improve. I probably come off as a crazy tiger mom! Aaaand...having written all this, I'm going to layoff a little bit and just enjoy the fact that CB is very much enjoying school.

Because really, that's a pretty darn important thing right now, too.


  1. He's doing so well!!! And holy cow, he wears nice clothes to school! I love love love his lunch bag too! Sweet.

  2. I love this post! Sounds like CB is doing great in preschool, and how fun that he's on campus with you, too :)
    Oh, I agree with Christine - nice clothes! Max wears his grubbies to school because of all the paint & dirt, etc!


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