Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ahoy, mateys!

if you can believe it, we've gotten to the point where i am only a month behind on my catch-up posts! i might actually catch up this year! such a proud moment for a lazy blogger. ;)

last month, we took to the open seas and sailed aboard a pirate ship on the chesapeake. choi boy and his little pirate buddies had a blast even though they weren't quite sure what the heck was going on at times...

yep, not a clue.

of course, once we got on the water and got to shoot water cannons, it was all good.

there were even some angry (but, really cute) pirate faces thrown around!

and then, when the "treasure" (read: junky little trinkets 3 year-olds go ga-ga for) came out, it became the best! day! ever!

how do you get a bunch of three year-olds to sit still? have them wait their turn for treasure!
and when your name is called, it's like being on the price is right!

just don't expect the treasure hoarders to do anything once they receive their treasure.
no, seriously. the child did not take his hands off his treasure. 


and, of course, we never got a picture of the actual ship, but you know, we still have tons of plastic treasure at our house!


  1. Ha!

    I laughed out loud on the pic of CB jumping up to get his loot. It looks like he. can. not. get. there. fast. enough.

    Too cute...even if you came home with more plastic junk...err...treasure ;0)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. hahaha!!! The part about the treasure has me in giggles. So awesome. SOOOOO awesome! :-)


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