Wednesday, October 31, 2012

well, he won't be an american idol.

hi. it's me delaying writing actual posts again. hurricane sandy + end-of-the-quarter + upcoming parent-teacher conferences = eating lots of chocolate and not doing any actual work including blogging.

so. here's a little video from our hurricane stay-at-home days. choi boy loves himself some singing, but honestly, he's not going to be making a career out of it. grown-up cb, if you read this, i'm sorry, but you have so many other amazing talents. just being honest, baby. ;)

but, it sure is stinking cute! here is his version of  "baa baa black sheep".

my favorite part is that he honestly think the people live down the drain. and the "have-en-enny wool"s.



  1. Oh man... He's still adorable! And a wiggly worm! ;-)

  2. Soooo cute!! and I love how he wants to watch himself, that's just like Mason.

  3. Oh so the dog riding and storytime! I'm new to your blog but am looking forward to reading more. Good luck with conferences, mine are the next week and a half! =0)


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