Friday, November 23, 2012

domo arigato, mr. roboto.

this is it!!! my last catch-up post! and it's less than a month overdue! i'm giving myself a big high-five right now. ;)

soooo...halloween. the time of year when little kids parade around in costume and get free candy from strangers. any other time of year, it teeters between inappropriate and illegal, but on halloween, bring it on.

sometimes, choi boy seriously amazes us with his crazy good memory. last halloween, he was just 2 years-old, and all throughout this past year, he kept asking me about halloween and leading up to the big day this year, he kept saying things like, "remember when i said, 'trick or treat!' and got candy?," "remember the scary guys?" "remember ben was a dragon?" crazy.

i actually bought cb's halloween costume on clearance last winter, so he's known all year long that he was going to be a robot (mommy's choice, FTW!). really, he could have cared less what he was, so long as he got candy. ;)

cb spent most of the day hanging out in his costume...he was SO stinking cute in it.

a robot on a walk, eating a cheese stick. NBD.

i can't get enough of it!

except, sometimes, i kinda sorta just a little bit can...and in those moments, an actual off button would be a little nice. ;)

we also went to a special storytime and trick-or-treating around the library. 
so fun!

and finally, after a dinner of some actual food, we headed out for the real thing!

cb was SO excited and so cute...he said, "i can do it all by myself, mommy!" and he walked up the steps to each house by himself,

stood by the door,

and when it opened, he proudly shouted,

which was almost always met with giggles. and then after a whispered reminder, he said, "oh! trick or treat!"

it was pretty stinking adorable. ;)

and after hitting up quite a few houses for nearly an hour, my boys and i started home,

and the boys immediately went through the loot!
i'm pretty sure it's safe to say it really was a happy halloween! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness... how CUTE is this post?!?! Very, very cute. I adore his robot costume (and go you on the clearance aspect!) And the fact that he did it all by himself! YAY!


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