Tuesday, November 13, 2012

midwest tour recap, part 2.

so...it's now been 3 months since we were in the midwest, but i am determined to get these photos up and posted!!! again, these are mostly for posterity's sake and the grandparents' sake, so it'll mostly be lots and lots of photos. if you care to scroll through, you can at least be entertained by the summer attire present in all these snaps, because, yes it was that long ago. ;)

when we last left off, we were all gushing about the cuteness that is molly and choi boy's cousin antics...

one of the best things we did while we were in milwaukee was visit the betty brinn children's museum. the museum is awesome, not too overwhelming in size and full of lots of fun, hands-on activities that kept the kiddos entertained and engaged for a good long while. i've been whining about how our local children's museum is still not yet up and running, so this was as much for cb as it was for momma. molly's other cousins joined it, making in quadruple-y more fun!

here are some favorite snaps from our time at the children's museum:
(i believe i was interviewing dr. choi on the water conditions in the city. ;) )

this one makes me swoon of sweetness.

and this one about sums up molly and cb. she patiently stays still, focusing on the activity at hand, he runs around in a blur.

after our time at the museum, we headed to our absolute *favorite* eatery in milwaukee, kopps! the best burgers and custard. ever. 

while we waited for our yumminess to arrive, i tried to get some semi-decent photos, but cb wasn't so much in the mood for his mamarazzi.

in fact, he was so hungry, he nearly took a bite out of someone!
just kidding, he was supposed to be kissing her. but, you know, kissing your cousin is gross, so whatevs.

finally, our food arrived and all was right with the world again.

very, very right.


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  1. The last few photos of CB are priceless!! Love them.


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