Tuesday, November 20, 2012

apples, apples, apples!

keeping in theme with things that happened waaaaay long ago, here's my post about apple picking. which we did in september. it was also 2 haircuts ago. just in case, you know, you measure time by important events like haircuts (i do). ;)

in what we hope will be a continuing tradition, we headed to the orchard with one of our favorite families, our future in-laws. choi boy and his bride-to-be (and her little brother, too!) had quite a blast picking apples and roaming around the orchard.

take a look!
"quit taking pictures, mommy. there are apples to be picked! and eaten!"
no joke, cb ate FIVE whole apples while we were at the orchard. FIVE. 

there was also quite a lot of silliness happening, too. apples on your head is, apparently, belly-laugh inducing to the 3 and under set!

so is grass on your head:
silly little love birds.

and, now for the future wedding slideshow shots:
i love them together.

so grateful for great friends and sweet memories...so sweet i had to post about them even two months later!

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  1. So many cute photos! But, uh FIVE apples?! Holy cow!


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