Sunday, October 14, 2012

midwest tour recap, part 1.

oh, hi. remember how we went to chicago 2 months ago? no? yep, that's because i never got around to posting any of the gazillion snaps i took.

now that it's a whole season later, i thought it would be the perfect time to do some catch up posts. (haha.) so, for the sake of posterity (and for my sweet in-laws that check the blog daily!), here is the first part of our time in the windy city and the cheese state!

i think the best part of our trip was watching these two crazy kids hang out together:
(can i get an "awwww"??)

molly and choi boy are two days apart and are quite the dynamic duo. and now that they're preschoolers, it's pretty hilarious to watch them really play together. (or, try to play together and then get caught up on the whole taking turns thing and bossing each other around business).

most of the time, the two of them were just about as sweet as sweet can be together.

molly was wonderful about sharing all her toys and cb loved playing with all the pink toys :)

molly even shared her daddy!

and when we headed up north to hahmuhnee and hahbuhjee's house, the fun continued!

there was fort-making,

and more sidewalk chalking and chalk-painting,
(dude. that chalk paint is the bomb diggity.)

general running amok all over hahmuhnee and hahbuhjee's yard,

and you know, sweeping.

even though these little rascals don't get to see each other but a few times a year, it is a dream come true to see them play when we do get together. 

more to come on our trip (including the little cousins' visit to the children's museum) soon!

or, you know, at least before january.


  1. I need a catch up too. Desperately. Sigh.

  2. Molly & CB are the cutest little duo ever! Oh and btw, I think that is your amazing hand-writing I spy on that driveway. I love it.


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