Wednesday, May 25, 2011

whatnot wednesday.

it's wednesday! you know what that means...crazy, nonsensical drivel smashed together in one happy post -- whoohoo!


*so, you know how p0ttery barn kids monograms anything and everything? and you know how they show examples of this in their drool-worthy catalogue? well, choi boy's first name is all over their newest catalogue. i think they pick a handful of boys names and girls names each season and use those names to showcase their monogramming super powers. anyway, i'm not so sure how i feel about this. i LOVE cb's name and picked it because it was classy and fairly timeless, as well as unique but not weird -- or at least that's what *i* like to think. ;) but now that it's all over the pb kids catalogue, i'm worried that cb's name will skyrocket in popularity and suddenly he will no longer be the only kid (or at most one of three kids) at school with his name. am i letting too much ride on this one little catalogue? probably. am i totally obsessed with and possessive over names? totally.

*i blame this on the jennifer and michael phenomenon of the late 70s and early 80s. i had THREE jennifer b.'s in my class (jen, jenn, or jenni, if any of you happen to be reading this, hi there! hope you are well!). i also blame this on the strange popularity of the name "grace" within korean circles in the late 70s and early 80s. i think i was one of 6 korean girls at school with that name. when talking about one of us, one would *always* tack on our last names to make the distinction. i couldn't stand that. and because there is a very finite number of korean last names, i knew several graces that not only shared my first name, but also my last name. not cool. because of that, i swore that my children would have unique (but cool) names so they wouldn't have deal with the, "grace? grace who? grace kim? lee? park? chung?" kinda questions. seriously, not cool. i guess i could i have just stuck with unique and named cb something like "batman" (the hubs' serious contender for cb's name. i'm not kidding). maybe if we have a choi girl one day, we can call her "princess consuela bananahammock." :)

*you know how i know i'm getting old? i love going to f0rever 21 and finding cute, trendy pieces that are cheap and i don't feel guilty about buying. but, now, when i go in, i have to seriously brace myself to deal with a) the loud music b) the disarray and c) the half-my-age girls squealing, "ohmygosh, that. is. SOOOO cuuuuuuuute!!!"
oh, and i find myself tut-tutting and shaking my head at the pieces labeled "dress" that i really think should be labeled "shirt."
perhaps i shouldn't shop there anymore...

*the main road leading to our neighborhood is being repaved. the poor repaving guys have had to contend with the crazy spring rain we've been having so it's been taking extra long for them to finish. because of that, there have been no lane markers on the road for the last week. so, the busy road that ususally has three lanes on each side is now just a big fat stretch of asphalt. it reminds me of that seinfeld episode where kramer makes the "extra-wide" lanes for driving comfort. remember that?
but, amazingly, all the drivers on our road have maintained the three lanes on each side, even with no lane markers! sometimes, it boggles my mind at how dangerous driving really is and that it takes a lot of trust in random strangers following arbitrary driving rules. you know what i mean?

*while we're on the subject of driving, is it just me, or do other people also have uncontrollable urges to jump out of moving cars and roll down the hill off the highway? no? or what about the uncontrollable urge to take your purse and knock down all the fancy plates in the china shop? anyone? no, really, anyone? am i the only nutball in the house? should i see someone about this? is it an indication of suppressed anger? or, do i just watch too many movies?...

*one last little morsel of randomness for you.
last week, the hubs was away at a conference and came home with a little bat and ball set for choi boy. of course, my ball-obsessed little guy was over the moon about his new gift! but, here's what he did as soon as we opened it an handed it to him:

did you see that crazy smacking-his-hand-with-the-bat threat thing he did? i swear, i have no idea where he picked that up.
no idea.
no, seriously, i promise the hubs and i don't walk around the house smacking our hands with two-by-fours or clubs like members of angry mob.

happy wednesday! come out and join the whatnot wednesday party with elizabeth!


  1. Ha about the names! We chose Adeline for being a family name (but as you know we call her Ada), and in her class are, I kid you not: 2 Avas, 2 Aidens (both boys) and another Adlynn. I have no idea how they keep them straight. Being a Sarah at a Catholic school, I loathed sharing my name with so many people. But I figure A sticks out enough as being "different" that having a common name is not such a bad thing? She can always go by her Korean middle name, right? Good luck coming to terms with the catalog thing!

  2. I don't think I could have pulled off the outfits at Forever 21....even when I was 21. I'm with you though, I get totally crochety about loud music in some stores now!

    I totally agree about how dangerous driving is. It's one of those things that I can't let myself think about too much!!

  3. Oh, right there with the names... Being a Christine was also interesting in the 70s and 80s, so I'm sensitive to it too. We picked S's name because it was somewhat unique, but not *too* unique... and since we met him, we have also met THREE other Korean boys named Spencer. Fabulous.

    And the video is hysterical! If it makes you feel any better, the first time Spencer got his hands on a bat, he went around screaming, whacking everything in site as hard as he could. Huh.

  4. Dude. I totally feel you on the names. Apparently Olive is becoming QUITE popular. It drives me crazy when we're at the playground/park/zoo/whatever and I hear another little kid named Olive! Of course, ours is the cutest... :)
    I question your choice of the name "bananahammock." That is all.
    The jump & roll and the china shop things, I totally get. But really? does a china shop even exist these days?

  5. Oh that damn PB Kids catalog - they steal all the good names! I hear ya. I, too, have that urge to take my purse and go crazy knocking over breakables in the store. What up with that?

  6. You know how you know you're a good blogger that people want to read? When I take the time to read that crazy paragraph about the street being repaved and the lines or lack of on the street and love it! I'll walk to the edge and off of the blog cliff with you, apparently.
    I get ca-razy about names too. I totally called Gabe's name with our family before our referral.
    I too have those crazy urges to just knock something over or jump out of a car. I sometimes think that when waiting for a train too. Humans are nuts sometimes!

  7. Jack's name was all over the PB Kids catalog a few seasons ago, but I had a totally different reaction. It just made me think that I needed one of everything that had his name on it:)

  8. I totally hear you on the name thing. We are going way out of our way to find a name for END baby that is NOT on a top 100 list.

    This is coming from a Heather, born in the 70s, after all...

  9. batman. =) i still remember us sitting around cassie's & peter telling us that with exactly how it would be said. face turning & serious face.

  10. I love your whatnot Wednesday posts. Hilariousness. That is so funny about names. I do feel the same way, and get possessive about names. I also had at least 2 Jennifers in my class at school and my neighbour was named Jennifer. It was way too popular! I'm now worried that there will be more than one Benjamin in Benny's classes since we have now been to a number of programs where there are multiple Bennys. Grrrr.... how did I let that happen?!!! And yes, I LOVE that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer paints the extra wide lanes on the highway.

  11. That video is beyond! So hilarious!


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