Friday, June 25, 2010


the other day, out of the middle of nowhere, it started to rain. like big, fat ploppy raindrops that came down hard and fast. meanwhile, it was still bright and sunny. those are my favorite kinds of rainstorms. those spontaneous, quick, summer showers that start and end suddenly, leaving everything smelling yummy and fresh.

we had to drive to a chantilly's graduation (congrats, sara, sooj, carol, eugine, ellen, solomon, and bob!) and on the way, as the rain started to dissipate, we saw the most beautiful rainbow. probably the biggest rainbow i've ever seen:

can you see it?

rainbows are always a reminder of God's faithfulness and that He keeps His promises. it was a reminder that i needed.

in the midst of all the waiting that seems a bit endless, i needed that reminder to know that God is faithful and that though i might be impatient, He *will* deliver on His promise to bring choi boy home.

we still don't know exactly when that will be, but we know that whenever it is, it will be the right time.

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