Friday, June 4, 2010

i love my job.

i love being a teacher. did you know that? i feel like it's what i was called to do and as cheesy as it sounds, i love being a part of the lives of the next generation. cue whitney houston..."i belive the children are the future. teach them well and let them lead the way..."

today was one of my most favorite days of the year in kindergarten. we had our annual family reading tea where the children share stories they have worked hard to edit, revise, and publish. we also sang some songs for the parents, with an adorable grand finale of "do-re-mi" from the "sound of music"! LOVE it! that is what happens when i teach your children. i teach them to read and write and also to love musicals. :)

at the end of the tea, i was thanking the parents for coming and concluding our program. then, one of my room parents stepped forward and said, "actually, grace, we're not done yet -- we have a surprise for you!"

it turns out, my room parents had conspired with the other parents and planned a shower for me. even parents of my students from last year came!

that's when the waterworks started.

actually, they had already started when i read this book to all the kids and their families:

have you read it? unless you're a fan of crying your eyeballs out, DON'T. i looked out at the parents towards the end of the book and i saw two of the moms bawling and i couldn't keep the tears away...

so, i was already a bit teary and when they sprung this surprise on me, it was too much. i was all verklempt!

as five year-olds always insist, it was time to open presents! the parents got me a gift card to babies-r-us (yay!) and they each brought a book to start choi boy's library, and i love me some books! the parents of my former students also got me the bedding set for choi boy's crib! it's so cute. i can't wait to show you!

my favorite, favorite thing was reading the cards and inscriptions from the families.

this card was my favorite:
Dear Mrs. Choi
Cragealashons on the baby. You must be very happy that you have a child. tho that you teach 23 children. But I bet you are happy because you have a child of your own.

at six years-old, her insight is amazing...that card really sums up the last 3 years. :)

here's a pic of me reading an incredible inscription on a book from one of my students and his older sister, whom i also taught.

the inscription read:
Dear Baby Choi,
Your mommy helped teach us both to read!
We hope you will enjoy reading these fun stories with her!
With Love,
A and A

after i read that, i made the ugliest ugly cry face (which my assistant captured on my camera) and cried all over again.

it was the sweetest, most touching gesture from my students and their families...throughout this whole journey, we have been so blessed by all the love and support that has surrounded us. and to have that love and support from 23 five and six year-olds is just too many kinds of awesome to count.


  1. I'm all teary-eyed. How are really in the best profession! Did they get you the bedding set from Buy Buy Baby???

    I was contemplating on what book we should buy for our baby first, and I kept coming back to Love You Forever. Maybe after our next ultrasound. :)

    By the way, I would like you to post your cry face picture, please. :)

  2. As an aside...did you know that the author of Love You Forever wrote that book after he and his wife had two stillborn babies? *sniff*

  3. i did NOT know that about robert munsch! oh my gosh, it makes that book even more wonderful (and sad!)!
    and yes, they got be the set from buy buy baby -- i. love. it.!!!

  4. what a sweet post, grace. it makes me miss the classroom so much. i am so excited for you and i hope hope hope baby choi gets to come home soon.

  5. I LOVE that book, Love You Forever. I made up a song for that phrase and I sang it to Zachary all the time as a baby and I STILL sing it to him when I tuck him in. He loves it! Makes me cry all the time. I'll have Z sing it to you(Grace & Tina) hehehe.
    Grace- you have the best parents!

  6. What a touching surprise! I would have turned on the waterworks too :)


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