Monday, June 21, 2010


just wanted to write a quick update on the snyders' fundraiser at was a smashing success!!!

we were so blessed and encouraged to see how many people were there to support evan and stacey and their little boy. what a testimony of God's amazing love and provision and of how loved the snyders are!

it was so neat to watch evan and stacey look around and see the faces of so many people they love and are loved by. canNOT wait to meet little ezekiel!

and a special shout-out to our buds that do not personally know the snyders, but came out to support them...thank you tom & tina, dihan & julie, sara choe (sorry i didn't actually see you there!), and geoff!

here we are with the parents-to-be! :)

p.s. i got my frosty this weekend! did you get yours? mine was extra delish. :)

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