Wednesday, June 23, 2010


tomorrow is the last day of school.

HOORAY!!! it's been a great year, but this teacher always welcomes summer vacation with open arms. :) after i became a teacher, i realized that summer vacation is just as much for the teachers as it is for the students, if not more!

but, it's a bittersweet day, because as excited as i am for summer vacation, i am sad because i'll be leaving the classroom next year. i'll still be working, but i'll be working halftime, doing only reading recovery in the mornings.

while i am so excited about having more time at home to spend with choi boy, being a classroom teacher is such a huge part of me and i know i'll miss it next year.

i'm sure i won't miss it as much by the time choi boy is home and in our arms, but for now it's a little sad. it's probably not permanent, though, so i'll likely be back in the classroom within a few years so at least i know it's a "see ya later" and not a goodbye.

i'm looking forward to continuing to work as a reading recovery teacher and the good thing is, because i'll be working in first grade, i'll get to see my little kinders next year when they're in first grade!

eek! i feel so old...this year's kinders/next year's first graders were born in 2004! whoa!

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I'm so glad you found me. I love to follow along on adoption journeys and can't wait to follow you as you bring home your baby boy. Good luck and look forward to seeing him in your arms!


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