Sunday, June 13, 2010


i love the internet.

i know lots of really bad and sketchy things have happened because of the web, but i love the way it has made our world seem smaller and more connected. i also love online shopping; having information at my fingertips (this really perpetuates my love for useless trivia, of which i am queen. really. ask the hubs.); watching missed shows online; and just plain surfing the web.

i also love blogging. i used to do it a lot more regularly during the good ol' days of xanga, but stopped during the rise of facebook. i really love writing and and putting my verbal diarrhea on virtual paper and sharing our story with others.

but i also love reading other peoples' stories. at the top of the page on blogger is this mysterious button that says "next blog". i clicked it one day out of curiosity and boredom and was surprised to find that the blog it led me to was a blog about a family's adoption journey. blogger must be able to tell my preferences from my tags (how smart is that, people at blogger?!) because a lot of the blogs that came up by continuously clicking that "next blog" button (i was really bored -- don't judge!) were blogs about adoption and infertility.

i loved reading through other families' stories of adoption and reading through their journeys which were so similar to ours in so many ways and also so different. i left comments on their blogs saying hello and they commented back on mine sharing their own similar feelings after reading my last post.

i have also gotten several comments and emails from people who have stumbled upon our blog. i love the fact that they've reached out and shared their story with me after reading ours.

even though i haven't actually met these people, it's made this journey through infertility and adoption seem a lot less lonely and it has been great to get some perspective from others who are further along in their journey.

so, hello new blogger friends! and hello old friends! thanks for stopping by and walking through our journey with us through this blog!

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