Thursday, January 31, 2013

family photo shoot.

Way back in November, when we were visiting the hubs' family for Thanksgiving, the hubs' BFF (so cute, right?) kindly took some photos for us. He does it as a hobby and volunteered to take family portraits for us, so we (I) jumped the chance, coordinating outfits and all! :) (would you expect any less from me??)

Here are some of my favorites!

And just for kicks, here's what CB looked like when we told him we were going outside for a little bit...

 ...And here's what he looked like when we told him we were outside to take pictures.



  1. Cute pictures! You guys are adorbs!

  2. I seriously love these! The goofy ones are my faves... but that last shot about "taking pictures" is pretty hysterical too! HAHAHA!

  3. Super, super cute! And I love goofy ones!

  4. I am somehow just now finding your blog! (Feel free to click through to mine if you want - no pressure! (Seriously.) If you want the password, let me know.) I love these photos - they are so cute and they seem to capture your personalities well.


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