Tuesday, December 11, 2012

our thanksgiving adventure.

right. so, here is my first post of december and i'm already behind. sheesh.

perhaps the reason why i'm just now posting about thanksgiving is because the trip was slightly traumatic.

let me explain. we wanted to visit the hubs' family for thanksgiving since we knew we'd be here for christmas.  however, the flights were crazy expensive and would set us back a homestudy fee and a half (haha, a little AP humor for you. ;) ). so, instead, we decided to drive. for fourteen hours. with two adults, one 3 year-old, a college student (we drove him home to his family, too), and a 60-pound lab mix. in my small hybrid.


the way there wasn't too bad. choi boy was a total trooper and did really well. the hubs and i took turns driving (okay, so it ended up being like 80-20 in the division of driving time), and we entertained ourselves with an audiobook. we stopped for a nap and a break at a friends' place about halfway through and soon enough, we reached our destination, a few hours ahead of what we had originally planned.

we were crazy tired once we got to the hubs' parents' house, but were ready to hang out with our family and get our grub on! we had a great three and half days with the hubs' family and were even treated to some snow flurries.

the morning that we were supposed to leave, cb woke up crying and complained of a tummy ache. he still managed to eat a fairly decent breakfast and then didn't complain again, so we didn't think much of it and left as planned.

you know where this is going, right?

it first started just after we buckled cb into his carseat at the hubs' parents' church.

up came cb's breakfast. and his dinner from the night before. (sorry.)

we took cb back inside the church, got him cleaned up, got the carseat all cleaned up and got on the road. we hesitated to continue, but choi boy was hopping around and laughing after the incident, so we went ahead with our scheduled drive.

cb seemed fine and was chatting up in the car. we stopped to see a friend in chicago and cb seemed to be his normal self while we were there. we even popped into a store and did our part on small business saturday (or sunday, as it was). when we walked over to whole foods for lunch, cb was asking whether he could have pizza, when he started to cough and then... uh huh. and then once again by the olive bar as we were running to the bathroom. yep.

the poor little guy was distraught and upset but once we got cleaned up and in clean clothes, he was a little better. we cuddled and talked and drank some water, and then decided (after some back and forth discussion) to get back into the car. it ended up being the right decision because cb passed out within minutes of getting buckled in and slept for a good chunk of the drive. he nibbled on crackers here and there and save for some mild freakouts anytime he coughed, he was okay.


we finally made it home and after another day of rest, cb was back in full force, and thankfully no one else got the nasty bug!

of course, in all the mayhem and chaos, i lost my phone somewhere in the whole foods. yes, again. i know! such is my life. jeez.

anyway, i apologize for all that, but i felt the need to document the craziness. ;)

and here are some pictures to make up for all that.

these two goofballs together are the best.

even when they fight over making pancakes!

you know what else is the best? hahbuhjees!
especially when they don't mind getting down and silly with grandsons. :)

and one more of the cousins and the chotskies cb's uncle is always buying them!

it was quite an adventure getting there and back, but we are so grateful for time with family!


  1. even though i knew what was going to happen, i was still nervous reading through your experience! so glad cb passed out for most of the trip home! such cute photos of him in his pjs!!!!

    and you lost your phone???!!!! :(

  2. "Slightly" traumatic?! I'd be in the fetal position sobbing if that were me. All I'm gonna say, sista! ;-)


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