Sunday, January 13, 2013

Style vs. Practicality: Skinny Jeans and Little Boys

A few weeks ago, I had a pretty big mommy fail. Choi Boy, who has been fully potty-trained for almost 9 months, had an accident -- only the 3rd pee accident he's ever had since those first 3 days. And it was TOTALLY my fault.

You see, my little boy, who is eager to grow in his independence, headed to the bathroom by himself while we were at a Christmas party. He does this all the time at home and knew where the bathroom was at his friend's house, so it didn't seem like it would be an issue. In fact, I didn't even realize CB had headed to the bathroom until I heard him frantically shouting, "Mommy! Mommy! Come fast!!!" I rushed into the bathroom and found CB in tears saying, "I had an accident, Mommy! I peed in my pants..." He was so sad...and *I* was so sad when I realized that the reason he peed in his pants was because he couldn't get his skinny jeans off by himself.



Back when we initially potty trained, I relented and kept Choi Boy in elastic-waist pants and shorts to help the process go more smoothly. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of little boys in sweatpants and basketball shorts all day, every day. And I know there's probably only a small window of time before that's all CB wants to wear! So, once the cooler autumn weather rolled in, we were back to skinny jeans and cords for CB...

He has been really great about getting his pants off and back on by himself and asks for help if/when he needs it. And never once has he complained about the clothes I put him in (secretly, I think he likes them ;)...despite how miserable he might look in that picture!).

I guess this time he had just held out for too long and the jeans were just too skinny. And after seeing his face last week, I'll most likely retire that pair.

We won't be abandoning button and zipper pants altogether, but we'll be leaning a little more heavily on elastic-waist pants. And while little girls definitely have a leg up (haha) in this department with all the variations of adorable leggings that are available to them, take heart, moms of boys, because we aren't just limited to sweatpants -- hurrah!

We have this pair of cargo pants from the Gap that we bought early in the Fall and we also have these elastic-waist skinny cargos from Korea that are a pretty close second to CB's now-retired skinny jeans.
(Not sure why he's standing on his tippy toes!)

I don't plan on buying any more pants until Choi Boy is ready for the next size up (his old skinnies are actually 18-24 months...and yes, I do still feel terrible about the whole incident!), so we will have throw sweatpants into the mix more frequently. But, when CB isready for new, bigger pants, you can bet we'll be looking into these very cute, non-sweatpants elastic-waist pants!

1) Gap; 2) Zara; 3) Zara; 4) H&M;

And when we do get to the point where all CB wants to wear are sweatpants, I might be okay with it if they're as cute as these:

I said *might*. ;)


  1. Try They have great cords that are elastic waisted. I'm the same way, Daniel does not wear sweatpants. Not even as playclothes. I cannot stand them. Naartgie has cool and hip pants that are easy to have him pull up and down on his own. And, they are inexpensive!

  2. Don't feel bad! Accidents happen.

    And if it is any consolation, my almost 6 year old boy still couldn't care less what he wears and lets me pick out all his clothes. In fact, if he had his way I would continue to physically dress him! On the other hand, the girl and I are already fighting about what she wears at the tender age of three. (Bathing suits are NOT appropriate to wear during wintertime! Pajamas are for nighttime only!) You may still have some discretion to choose what he wears for awhile :)

  3. Oh no... poor guy. But yes, accidents happen. Alex won't wear jeans any more and even when he wears his elastic waist pants he can manage to have some issues - and he has been trained over 2 years! Boys will always find a way in my opinion ;)

  4. Poor guy!!! This is actually one of the reasons we don't do skinny jeans :) My favorite jeans are actually mini-boden because they are cute and have an elastic waist (that you can't even see). And we totally wear sweat pants around here (and not embarrassed to admit it), but usually only on school days (3 days/week) for comfort & ease. We save the cute/stylin clothes for non-school days so they don't get completely ruined with dirt, paint, markers, glitter, etc!!!


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