Saturday, February 9, 2013

the one about christmas.

So. I'm fully aware that it's February. And that Christmas was literally last year. But, if this blog is anything, it's a memory book of sorts for Choi Boy and our family, so I declare it Christmas Recap Day here at Chois-R-Us, mmkay?

Let's see...jogging back to 6 weeks ago, here's how Christmas went down in our family:

We planned to spend the night at my parents' house on Christmas Eve, so Christmas came to our house on Christmas Eve morning because we didn't want to schlep CB's big present over to Hahmee's and Hahbee's. So, of course, I dressed CB appropriately in his Christmas jammies on the 23rd so he could open presents in said jammies. (If you have been reading this blog for a bit you know that I am nothing if not well-planned for opportunities to coordinate outfits for photo ops.)

CB awoke on Christmas Eve, totally confused about why his parents were super excited and giddy. And perhaps that's why he was slightly less than enthusiastic as we forced him to open cheered him on as he opened his present.
is that a "meh." face or what??

We ended up getting CB an awesome fire station "doll house". He loves playing with the little doll house at his girlfriend's house and also loves visiting our local firehouse, so we figured it would a fun gift (that *wasn't* trains...this momma is a little tired of trains). 
After initially reacting with, "I wanted a roundhouse!" (Seriously. SO over trains here.), CB ended up playing with his firehouse for 2 straight hours!

We had fun day with extended family at my parents' house on Christmas Eve (that included chowing down on a HUGE dinner), and somehow, the only shot I managed to get was this one:

Anywho. Christmas morning arrived and it ended up being a lot of fun waking up with the whole family. CB and my dad got right to their morning workout:
(Yes, he wore the same jammies again. Photos ops, people!)

And then once the high school and college-aged folks were finally out of bed, we got right to exchanging gifts. Our little guy was quite excited about both giving and receiving!

And then, after Christmas Eve dinner leftovers had settled into our bellies, we headed off to the ice rink! Of course, CB and his Hahbee had to wear their new matching sweaters:

(sorry for the less than flattering pics, Daddio...)

And there you have it. Our Christmas post. Up 5 days before Valentine's Day. Booyah.


  1. you are so good at logging memories and special days. excited for you about the wait for your next child! we are obsessed about fire trucks over here, so love your choice of gift for choiboy. cute pics, esp like the one where he's working out with dad hehe.

  2. Love seeing these photos. Even in February! Actually, more so now. It's like a little dose of holiday cheer in the middle of winter gloom!

  3. I resent that you said, "whole family" without mentioning there was a very important person missing. And no mention at all of our skype call or anything! Sheesh. This is what I get for catching up on your blog a month late! hahaha, love you and miss you!


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