Tuesday, January 8, 2013

family day festivities!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our second Family Day! While I sometimes wish that I had had the foresight (like some of my friends did) to purchase years worth of Family Day gifts while we were in Korea to pick up Choi Boy, we decided last year that instead of doing presents on Family Day, we would celebrate CB's special anniversary with a fun, family event or activity. Also, with CB's Family Day being so close to Christmas, it seemed better to not overwhelm CB with even MORE presents! ;)

Now, being that CB's Family Day is in the middle of December, we're somewhat limited on family activities because there's not much to do outdoors, and we pretty much exhaust every possible indoor activity throughout the winter. So, when CB mentioned wanting to go ice skating, we decided to go with it! 

Thankfully, the ice rink's smallest skate size fit our tiny guy's feet and were double blades. CB thought it was awesome to walk around on them on the rubber mats and was super! excited! to ice skate!
Unfortunately for Lil' CB, reality hit hard when he actually got on the ice! He kept saying, "Whoa! It's so slippery! This is hard!" 

We took itty bitty steps together on the ice, moving about a centimeter at a time.

But CB wanted to go fast, so this is what the hubs ended up doing:
Gotta love him. :)

We lasted about 30 minutes -- with several breaks in between ;), but we were happy to have a new adventure together! And that's kinda what Family Day is all about it...being together and celebrating our adventures!
Love our little boy and our little family!


  1. I love each and every photo here! And I love the activity you chose!!! We too do a family outing every year. I mean, that's the point... right?! Family! (I will say I am nervous about the precedent we set with our choice of activities though... we will need to do budget versions when there are two kiddos!)

  2. Happy (belated) Family Day CB! That was a super fun activity to choose, too! I love seeing him on itty bitty ice skates :) From the photos, it looks like he did a mighty good job for being 3! We also do a family outing to celebrate but we are kinda lucky in that ours is in July ...


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