Tuesday, August 28, 2012

yet another korean golfer.


my parents are avid golfers. my dad has played the game for about 40 years and loves it. and he was itching to share the game and that love with his one and only grandson. 

for a little over a year, cb has been chipping and driving and putting with his set of plastic clubs and has been occasionally taking some swings with his "real" clubs (a gift from my sweet friend, graceybee!), but they've been a little heavy for his tiny body. lately, he's been getting better with his real clubs, and my dad figured if cb was using real clubs, he should be on the real green!

this past weekend, my dad and cb went to the driving range at a local golf course, just the two of them. (the two of them together turns my heart to mush!) for about an hour, they (reportedly) had a total blast hitting and putting (real!!) golf balls. 

here are some snaps my dad managed to capture from their outing:
setting up...

keeping his eye on the ball...

nice shot!

and now, on to putting!

practice makes perfect!

according to my dad, cb wasn't a golf prodigy by any means, but he did say that cb has some raw talent and a good understanding of the basics of golf. with some consistent coaching and lots of practice, my dad may have a cushier retirement than he originally thought. :) of course, that means as cb's coach, he'll have a lot of hard work ahead of him...but, gosh, can you even imagine the cuteness of a teenaged cb and his coach/caddy/hahbee walking the course?! 


meanwhile, in other news, this golf outing was made possible by the fact that my mom and dad kept cb overnight at their place so the hubs and i could enjoy a night and morning off. 

i know!

it was kind of a major deal. 

especially considering we got to sleep in until 10am.

it was glorious and delicious.


  1. Ha. Love this post and seeing CB's skillz. My hubby is itching to do the same, but I say go as a twosome!

    And glad you had a night out...I know that can be few and far between!

  2. What a great activity for CB and your dad to do together! And he does look like he has some SKILLS! Go CB!

  3. This looks like so much fun! It is just adorable that your Dad and cb have so much fun together. And even better, that you got a full night and morning to yourselves. Awesome!

  4. totally jealous on the sleeping in part!! haha.

    I am excited for when Cobi is old enough for his g'parents to take him overnight!!


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