Wednesday, August 15, 2012

my seestar.

it's no secret that i think the world of my seestar. or, sister, for you non-weird folk. she is fun, and caring, and weird (like me!), and so very loving and loveable.

and she is also adventurous and brave. we joke (in kind of a twisted way), that if the hunger games were, in fact, real, and i was chosen, she'd volunteer for me. (even though she's younger!) and probably win. meanwhile, i'd be the dumb girl that starts a fire and gets found and killed on the first night. (told ya it was kind of twisted.) i also told her that if the world of divergent were real, she'd be dauntless, while i'd be lame, non-confrontational amity. (i suppose you could also add "nerd" to the list of traits my sister and i share.)

why do i share this? because in about a month, my sweet tippy will be embarking on a new adventure...and i'd love it if you would keep her in your prayers and follow along on her journey. she'll be headed to rural ghana where she'll spend about a year volunteering at a local orphange. she is also hoping to help out with some HIV/AIDS prevention and advocacy. and we're so excited for her and what this year will look like for her!

more than anything, we'd love to know that she is being supported by and covered in lots and lots of prayers for her safety and for the work she'll do. if you'd like to follow along as she blogs during her time in ghana and learn about specific ways you can pray, you can hop on over to her blog, ghana write! if you are interested in supporting her in other ways, you can hop on over to her fundraising page, ghana go! (we're all about being punny in our family. we get that from our dad. ;) )

and, if you'd like any more info, feel free to email me! 

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thanks for letting me use my little corner of cyberspace to spread the word about my little sis. i love her so.


  1. This is so, so amazing!!! I just started following her blog... I can't wait to follow "tippy's" next year. (BTW... I can totally see her as Dauntless. And you as Amity.)

  2. We will add your sister to our prayers!

    I have so enjoyed reading your (punny) blog and journey to and with Choi Boy; many of his antics remind me of my own sons who are also both adopted from South Korea!

  3. What an awesome adventure for your sister. We will definitely keep her in our prayers, and I will add her blog to my Reader.

  4. This is incredible! Cannot wait to follow along with your sis. Praying for her!

  5. First of all, that photo of you two is ADORABLE! Second, your sister sounds totally awesome. I, too, have an awesome, adventurous sister. (Maybe being the youngest instills this in them?) Anyway, I mention my own sister only because she too spent a year in Ghana and had an AMAZING experience. I know your sister will, too! I'll add her blog to my reader now :)

  6. What a great adventure! Must go add her blog to my reader.


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