Tuesday, August 7, 2012

an actual conversation.

It's no secret that Choi Boy is a Charmy McCharmerson.

He also talks A LOT and has a very keen sense of direction and an incredible memory. And here is an actual conversation in which he uses all of those skills for his own benefit...

To set the scene:
Yesterday, CB was driving with my dad. They went to check on my parents' rental property and then were heading back to where my mom and I were getting our hair did. As they drove, here's the chat (or, ahem, manipulation) that took place:

CB: Hahbee, where are we going next?

Dad: Back to the salon. Why?

CB: Want to go to Hahbee's store?

Dad: No, why?

CB: (slyly) Want to get a milkshake?

Dad: (laughing) No, it's too far away!

CB: Oh. (even more slyly) Want to go to Jhak-eun Hahbee's (my uncle) store??

Dad: (really laughing and slightly amazed at CB's persuasive skills) But we're already back by the salon.

CB: Okay, let's get frozen yogurt then!

Dad: There's no frozen yogurt here. Only an ice cream store.

CB: No, the frozen yogurt store is back there!

Dad: No, it's not.

CB: (insistent) Yes, yes it is. Go back that way.

Dad: (drives and takes directions from a TWO YEAR-OLD)

CB: See, back there! Back there! There's frozen yogurt!

Dad: Oh my gosh. There is!

And then they went inside and CB ate his fill of chocolate froyo with lots of fruit (or, "proot" as he calls it).

Incredibly, we had only been to that froyo place once before, 2 weeks ago. And incredibly, he was able to direct my dad there. And even more incredibly, my dad LISTENED to CB and followed his directions.


I hope one day my boy learns to use these powers for good, instead of just for manipulating grown-ups into getting him frozen treats.


  1. i loved reading this! it absolutely cracked me up! he sure has his hahbee wrapped around his finger - along with all his other family members i imagine :)

  2. This is so awesome!!! I love it! And dude, I'd follow CB's directions when it came to something food based too... The boy knows his stuff! ;-)

  3. What a funny little guy! The scary thing is that he is just a preschooler... imagine when he is 13?!


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