Wednesday, August 22, 2012


i'm kind of in a blogging rut. i still love to write posts, but it's sometimes a chore to sort through pictures, edit them (with the extremely subpar "skills" i possess), and write a coherent post. i need to recap our recent trip to chicago and wisconsin, so while i procrastinate on doing that, here is a hodge podge post of some recent gems of conversation snippets from choi boy... his increasing vocabulary and comprehension regularly crack us up and i need to write these down before we forget them!

cb, on self-awareness:
we were recently at my niece's baptism and when cb got a little unruly, i scooped him up and headed to the cry room at the back of the sanctuary. and this was his observation:

cb: mommy, how come molly and reese are not coming in here?
me: because they know how to sit quietly and listen during the service. can you do that?
cb: oh... no. not yet. 

cb, on his love of meat:
1. while we were at the hubs' uncle's house, we watched a freight train go by. i asked cb what he thought might be in the freight cars, and this was his response:
hmm...maybe gogi. (meat)

2. as we were leaving wisconsin, we asked cb about his favorite part of being at hahmuhnee and hahbuhjee's house. he promptly answered, "oh, the gogi!"

3. a few weeks ago, we were snuggled on the bed, under the covers and i whispered, "tell me a secret." to which cb responded in a whisper, "i love gogi."

not a secret buddy, not a secret.

cb and his comedic timing:
running around sock-less all summer has caused some majorly stinky feet for our little man. like, MAJORly. one night, we were teasing him about his especially stinky feet (he had been stomping in puddles). after his bath, the following conversation unfolded between cb and the hubs:

the hubs: let me check if those feet are still stinky! (takes a whiff) nope, they smell good!
cb: (without missing a beat) let me smell your hair. (takes a whiff) yuck! smells bad!

sorry, honey, but i can't necessarily say cb was wrong...;)

cb and song requests:
when we were at the beach, we happened upon these adorable young teenage boys (maybe 15ish?) who were playing songs on the guitar and bongos. they were playing a lot of jack johnson/jason mraz-y songs and cb was fascinated. they were so cute and interacted with cb as they sang. at one point they looked at my sister (who was holding cb) and said, "any requests?" to which cb responded:

"maybe 'twinkle, twinkle'?"

my sister almost started to cry it was so cute.

cb, on aging:
choi boy's third birthday is quickly approaching (yikes!), so he's been talking a lot about getting older and all the things he'll be able to do. here are some of the things he's looking forward to:

cb: when i'm three, i can chew gum. and when i get older and i'm a grown up, i can drink soda. and beer. 

i really hope that's not his impression of all we do...

and finally, cb, on fine dining:
our little tot is quite the adventurous eater. he will try anything at least once (especially if his favorite grown-ups are chowing down on it), and has a love for a variety of tastes and textures and especially loves very flavorful food.

the other night, we were at a sushi restaurant with my uncle's family. cb happily ate california rolls, (raw) tuna and avocado rolls, unagi, a few different kinds of sashimi (tuna belly was his fave), and fried octopus legs. the kicker was when the raw shrimp was served (i didn't let him try that) and alongside them were the shrimp heads, fried and spiced up. my uncle asked cb if he wanted to try one, and cb answered, "oh, yes!"

and as he happily munched away on shrimp heads, eyes, antennae and all, he turned to me and said, "mommy, these bugs are so yummy."

i really, really hope cb doesn't become that weird kid that eats bugs on the playground.


  1. Oh CB... you are going to be such a comedian when you grow up! The obsession with meat cracks me up! Here, no such thing. UNLESS it's "Gogi"... go figure! And I really hope CB isn't the bug eater either... but even if he is, you know he's going to rock that roll. :-)


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