Wednesday, September 5, 2012

flashback flick.

still here. still procrastinating on our chicago trip recaps...i *will* get to them before next summer. i think.

anyway, school has begun and with it comes the madness of the beginning of the year easing new kinders into school. it's a wee bit exhausting, but always a fun adventure! and also a good excuse for not posting more substantial posts. ;)

lately, choi boy has been really into watching old videos of himself. (he's a bit narcissistic. but what almost-three year-old isn't?) this afternoon, we were going through photos and videos on the hubs' phone and came across this little gem of video.

it was taken last july, so cb was about 22 months old. i can't stop watching it! his little face and the "whoa!" and "oh no!"s just about slay me! (and please excuse piper's, ahem, bumhole. apologies.)

it's amazing how one year makes such a difference in how much older cb looks and sounds now! i just want to reach and squish those little cheeks!

thank you for indulging me. :) i'm off to watch it again. on repeat.


  1. Too cute! It does slay me how much our boys have changed over one year.

  2. This is adorable!!! I love hearing his little voice! And DUDE. I'm all about posting about things from last summer this fall. Just watch me. ;-)


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