Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i'd like to retract a previous post.

and that would be this one.

because while i thought we had figured out this whole no-nap business and were taking it and our new schedule in stride, choi boy has suddenly gone back to napping.


after powering through what would be nap time for a few days (to see how he would do without it), we instituted quiet time and it went off without a hitch for a week. cb read books and played quietly in his bed for an hour and was happy to do so without complaint. when i went to go and get him after the hour was up, he'd greet me with smiles and chatter about what he did during quiet time and we'd continue our afternoon together.

however, for the last three days, cb fell asleep promptly (within minutes!) of getting into his bed for quiet time. i've let him sleep, waking him up after about 1-1.5 hours, but yesterday, he was a little under the weather and slept for 3 hours. and i let him because it seemed like he really needed the sleep. of course, that messed things up he went to bed at 9:30 that night.

as i write, he's been asleep for an hour and i'll probably try and wake him up soon, but again, he's been coughing and sniffling, so perhaps he needs the extra rest? he's still getting 12-13 hours of total sleep during each 24 hour cycle...so, maybe i should just go with it? gahhh. who knows?

honestly, i don't mind having a different schedule each day regarding naps. i just wish cb would let me know at the start of the day so i could plan my have-to's accordingly. like, had he woken up this morning saying, "mommy, i'm going to sleep for 2 hours between 1:30-3:30, so go ahead and take a long, leisurely shower then. but, i won't be asleep until 9:45pm, so don't rush to give me a bath after dinner. and don't plan on trying to get anything done after i go to sleep because you'll be exhausted from trying to get me to go to sleep."...? that would have been truly awesome.

no? one can only wish.

passed. out.


  1. Oh man... right there with you. This week Spencer has been back to napping too. I just don't get it. But I think that them giving us a heads up of their schedule is a *brilliant* idea.

  2. Alex has been over naps for a year now... but every so often he sneaks one in. As long as it isn't at 5pm... we don't mind.


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