Tuesday, July 3, 2012


vacations are good for the soul. so thankful that we are able to take a week and get away each summer...and so very grateful that my family is awesome and that we love being around each other. otherwise, it would making living in the same tiny house and seeing each other during every waking moment of the week a wee bit hard!

we are loving our week at the beach and having a grand ol' time. here's a peek at what we've been up to, IG style:

 passed out like a partied-out frat boy on our first night here. that's my boy!

eating weird korean snacks (squid and peanut cracker balls FTW!) with hahmee in your jammies is a vacation must.

so is eating peanuts like a boss with hahbee.

bloody marys are a vacation must for this momma.

so are cute little coronitas. ;)

don't worry, we did actually make it to the beach, too.
i love seeing all my favorite boys play together! :)

and i love being with this girl.

what, spying on your beach neighbors isn't a regular part of your vacation?

i think one of my favorite parts of being on vacation is walking around and discovering places that are new to us.
whether it's quaint little streets lined with adorable little homes.

or iconic places,

or little back alleys reminiscent of the south of france...

i'm pretty sure choi boy's favorite part of vacation is exploring candy kitchen.
my dad opened the door to the place and told cb, "welcome to heaven." :)

oh, and fashioning a backpack out of a bag containing your giant lollipop (only grandparents can get away with buying such ridiculousness for a 2 year-old), is icing on the cake!

vacationing with a tot is sometimes exhausting, but mostly fun.

besides, it also exhausts the tot, too!
(not shown: pantless legs propped up against the wall)

i love my wacky family!

p.s. doesn't cb make a cute little girl??


  1. Oh my gosh... all of these are fabulous... but the last one?! I die!

  2. Loved all of these pictures. Your family is so adorably sweet!

  3. I seriously want to go on a vacation with your family. Do you think they'd notice if I just showed up?


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