Thursday, June 28, 2012

summer fun list!

Last summer, I saw lots of bloggers post about Summer Fun Lists they made with their children. It seemed like such a fun and cool idea to help plan the summer and ward off cases of I'm-bored!s and There's-nothing-to-do!s. Since Choi Boy was not yet 2 last summer, I tucked away the idea and couldn't wait to plan our list this year, especially since CB would likely remember and enjoy the activities more now that he is a little older.

The hubs and I came up with most of the ideas for our list, but CB made some contributions here and there. I wanted to make sure that the list had a good mix of activities, projects, and outings. I also wanted to make sure the list included a lot of low cost or free things (I LOVE free things!!). Finally, I also wanted to make sure the list wasn't too overwhelming and that completing most of it was attainable. So we brainstormed ideas from things we've done before that we loved; new ideas we had heard about from others; ideas we had always wanted to try but hadn't; and ideas that I had pinned on Pinterest ages ago and never got around to doing (don't pretend you don't do that, too! ;) ).

Our completed list has about 30 items (with the space and flexibility to add more!) that we think we will love and enjoy as a family:

As you can see, we've already completed some of the items! (I love checking them off!) And I also added some new ones after I took these snaps: write letters to friends; visit Meadowlark Gardens; and go to the Sprayground (done today!)!

Having our list gives us a lot to look forward to throughout the summer and it also helps me plan out our weeks. But it's not as intimidating as a giant to-do list, so it really does just end up being a list of FUN!

What activities would you put on your list? I'm itching for more ideas, too!


  1. SUPER cute!!! Love the idea....may have to borrow this one! Chipping away a toy from ice....brilliant! :) Have fun and enjoy every minute.

  2. YAY! I love the Tippy eemo lunch item :)

  3. this is awesome! what a great idea! ( i may just have to borrow it for noah. :) thanks for sharing!

  4. Be sure to don googled when doing the ice chipping one!

  5. kite flying! homemade kites are easy to make, just google it.

  6. What a great list! You have so many cool things on here! I may need to steal some! We only have like 8 items on our list. Yikes.

  7. I love your list! Not only what's on it but how pretty it looks :) A few more ideas - go for a hike, visit the farmer's market, go on a picnic, ride bikes!


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