Monday, July 16, 2012

CB, defender of the universe!

ladies and gentlemen. i have the great privilege of introducing to you the world's newest superhero.


oh, no. not choi boy.

i present to you, COKE BOY.

caffeinating and energizing sleepyheads around the planet,

and ridding the world of pepsi, one can at a time.

now, he just received his superhero status, so he's still learning to adjust to his powers.

and his supersuit.

everyday things like eating are not always easy when you are wearing super armor.

we managed to capture some secret footage of our young hero attempting to eat...

as you can see, some adjustments were made to help CB. now with his newly remodeled helmet, he is truly ready to defend us all.

and should he ever needs help again, his cardboard hatted sensei is but a call away.

i love my weird family.



  1. I love love love this! CB, I think you need to make a regular appearance here... about 2pm, daily!?

  2. OMG, this is hilarious, especially when he tries to eat with it on. Hahahahaha! Too funny!


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