Wednesday, July 11, 2012

beachy highlights.

alternatively titled, "the lazy blogger's vacation recap post."

so. on saturday, we returned from our fantastic week at the beach. and i finally uploaded all the pictures we took. it turns out i took nearly 300 pictures! i'm too overwhelmed/lazy to do anything with the pictures (not that i can really do much with editing anyway -- really going to work on changing that!), so i'm just going cop out and post my favorite snaps, STOOC. all 35 of them. ;)

choi boy was thrilled to be back at the beach and got right to work playing in the sand. or, as he called it, "digging my treasure." very serious work.

over the course of the week, cb coaxed every adult to come and join him in his sand (and water) play.

how could we resist this guy?
he also charmed his way into lots of special treats...
mmmhmm. that giant lolly has grandparents written ALL over it.

the beach is a great place for boardwalk fries happy dances.

and kite flying.

and realizing you have the exact same haircut.

and also trying to get a decent self-shot with a dirty lens.

we also had a blast on the boardwalk!

nothing says "family vacation" like watching your parents duke it out in zombie blasting video games!

we also discovered my dad might need rock band (and a video game console with which to play it) for christmas.

the slightly suspect carnival rides were also a big hit.
(this one cracks me up. he's totally chillaxin', one hand on the wheel.)

ice cream stands with crazy flavors are so many kinds of awesome. 
i settled on boston cream pie, but seriously thought about crack (i think it was some sort of burnt sugar with toasted almonds or something like that) and white wine.

there was also some jet-skiing to be done.

or sittin' on the dock of the bay for the spectators.

being at the beach for the fourth of july is always extra special. especially when we are treated to a great fireworks show!

and watching said fireworks with doting eemos makes it even more special.

of course, it wouldn't be a family vacation without good eats. and *lots* of them.

cb, meet crab.
delicious, delicious crab.

don't worry, my family also has its classy moments.
like when we all sketch with crayons as we wait for our food. ;)

but the best part of vacation? the fact that anything goes.
anything as in you-fall-asleep-on-your-way-home-from-the-beach-and-your-parents-carefully-take-off-your-swim-trunks-and-rash-guard-and-use-baby-powder-to-get-wet-sand-off-you-and-put-you-in-a-cardigan-so-as-not-to-wake-you-up anything.

and for kicks, a baby-powder-filled-belly-button close-up:
a tip for you beach-goers: baby powder gets wet sand off wet skin like a boss!

and that, in a rather large nutshell, was our awesome family vacation! :)


  1. I'm going to put it out there and say that I think the photos of me watching fireworks are NSFW or NSF Children.

  2. SO MUCH FUN! Beach vacations are the best, especially with cute little CB. And, again, your family looks like so much fun, especially your parents who play arcade games :) I love your bathing suit, btw. Oh and that crab .... drool!

  3. Uhm, hi. Can I vacation with you next year?!?! Holy moly... you sure do it right!


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