Wednesday, June 6, 2012

there are nice people on the internet, too!

so, yes. the internet is full of creepers and stalkers and all manner of crazy folk.

but, i tell ya, if blogging has taught me one thing, it's that there are incredible people out there wanting and willing to make connections with you and your story. and i just big puffy heart that.

way back in september of 2010, my sister, the hubs and i attended the national book festival. one of the main reasons we went that year was because one of my favorite children's authors, mem fox, was going to be there. unfortunately, due to the large crowds, we weren't able to have mem sign the books we brought.

well. sweet, sweet ashley sought to rectify that. an opportunity to hear and meet mem came up in her local area.

here is ashley with her cutie pie son, chandler, and mem:

ashley remembered my post about the book festival and missing mem and not only bought a book for mem to sign for choi boy, but also had mem pose for a snap with my blog brought up on her laptop!

i know!


mem signed her newest book, two little monkeys, for cb (it's SO cute and the words are magical):
and the inscription was signed, "xxx Mem Fox (Finally!)" :)

cb immediately fell in love with the beautiful illustrations and the fun story about two little monkeys, one named cheeky, one named chee...

so fun! i love watching my little guy fall in love with books...makes my teacher heart soar!

ashley, i am so blessed by your kindness! thank you for thinking of us -- we are so very grateful and just tickled by your sweetness! thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. xoxo.

and just because...

who can resist little piggies?



  1. this is wonderful!!!! hooray for bloggy buddies!!!!

  2. OK, this is just AWESOME! I love it!!!

  3. That is the coolest thing ever! What a special gift!

  4. VERY awesome. I can see why you are so excited. I agree with what you said about how much you LOVE seeing your boy fall in love with a new book. Me too. Sweet boys...cute little readers!


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