Friday, June 22, 2012

for the love of dad.

one of the best parts about becoming a momma has been watching the hubs become an amazing daddy. choi boy is absolutely smitten with his appa and the relationship those two have is magical.

gratefully, my sister and i also had and still have a magical relationship with our own dad. and even more gratefully, the hubs and my dad have developed their own special relationship, too. we joke that they're like BFFs. :) and the magic between cb and his hahbee? gosh, those two are connected at the soul...

so, with all the love flowing between our family, we decided to enjoy a whole day in each others' company for father's day. and it was, in a word, magical. :)

after brunch at our very favorite brunch-y place, we made our way to a local park that has a little bit of everything. we started with the train, which has kind of become legendary in our family. we were the first in line for our ride, which means we had to wait awhile...

but it also meant we could snag the caboose!

the train ride was as wonderful as always, 

made even more wonderful by the sweet conductor (engineer? i never know the difference...) who 
stopped to chat with us about how much he loves his job. :) 

from there we walked through the park's frisbee golf course 

to get to the lake, where we rented some rowboats. cb was seriously excited about his first rowboat ride.

see, he's all, "quit with the pictures! let's get this show on the water!" 

 the grandparents wanted cb all to themselves and he was happy to go with them since he knew it meant getting extra special attention :)

meanwhile, in the other boat, the hubs and i pretended we were in venice, riding a gondola,

while our strong and suave gondolier rowed us around the lake.
see what i mean? magical. :)

 of course, no day with my family would be complete without an additional meal. so after a little round of golf after the lake, we headed out to have korean food. a perfect ending to our day. :)

 i am so, so blessed to not only have my own amazing pops (and father in-law!), but also to be able to watch the hubs be the amazing dad he is every day.
i love you, babe.
thank you for being our leader and our rock. (super fast!) :)


  1. What a fabulous father day. I love the shot of CB & your dad in the caboose and cracked up at your gondola driver. And...just so you know...definitely engineer (for that train dude). :-)

  2. Hi... CB?! Clearly you need to fill your Mama in on the difference between a conductor and an engineer. I mean, that's your job as a toddler... filling us naive Mamas in on the lingo for all things that go. ;-) Seriously... it looks like a REALLY fun day together!

  3. What a magical day indeed! Your family rocks. They are all adorable and the love they all have for your boy is so obvious. Happy Father's Day to CB's daddy and your daddy too!


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