Thursday, April 5, 2012

small style: potty training casual.

i promise after this, i'll stop talking about potty training.

okay, this is going to sound so, so ridiculously shallow and well, ridiculous. but i'm a little sad that potty training means choi boy will have to spend most of his coming days in elastic waist pants. i know, i told you. shallow.

thankfully, with spring in full bloom and warmer weather here more often than not, tiny little basketball shorts are a semi-acceptable weather-appropriate alternative to skinny jeans and colored chinos.

i know, i know, groan and throw tomatoes at me. i told you, i'm ridiculous!

anyway. cb spent most of this week pantless. it made it easier for cb to run to the bathroom and do his thang.

but, for a few minutes when we couldn't bear just staring at the sunshine from inside, i threw some shorts and cb and we went out for some fresh air and sun rays.

and football. always football.

we spent a little time drawing with chalk,

and playing with a new "big boy" toy given to him by his foster umma (she sent it to her daughter who gave it to us when we saw her this weekend)!

okay, i suppose the basketball shorts are kinda cute...

and here are the PT casual details:
linsanity shirt (GO KNICKS!): gift from the amazing
christine and doug, straight from NYC!
shorts: target, hand-me-downs
shoes: crocs, gift from my mom's friend (same sweet friend who gave us
cb's wellies!)

and just for kicks, here's what cb looked like most of the time this week:
(why yes, that *is* a bart simpson pajama top on cb. from, where else? korea. ;) it was what cb was wearing on the day we got him -- heehee)

i wish i could show you how stinkin' cute his little bum looks in those tiny undies, but alas, a momma's got to draw the line somewhere when it comes to embarrassing her kiddo on the interwebs. ;)


  1. Oh my, I never even CONSIDERED elastic waisted pants as a drawback for potty training. Gah!!!
    But, then, girls can wear leggings, and dresses, so. That's a defo one up on boys, I think.
    I'm totally dreading potty training my kid. I kind of made a half-heated attempt only to discover that she thinks its awesome to pee pee on the floor because then you get to wipe up the mess, and that is about the best thing ever. According to my kid.

  2. Oh goodness potty training is no fun. When my guy was little I made him some elastic waistband khakis and jeans. :) Love the Knicks shirt by the way. Go NY!!! :)

  3. Does it make you feel better that I just told a friend at lunch today who asked about Sam and potty training (she doesn't even have kids!) that I wanted to wait until summer when it was easier to de-robe and that I wasn't looking forward to full wardrobe of elastic-waisted pants. There. You have a shallow friend. When Sam can't go to preK in the fall because he's not potty trained, I will bring him to the principal in his adorable button and zip cargo pants and explain the reason why. As the mother of a girl, I have to say that sundresses sans undies in the summer made the training much easier.

  4. You and Beth are cracking me up! We usually send Max to school in lame-o elastic waist sweat pants, but on days when I'm home he gets to wear his cute clothes. I had not thought about this angle of PTing. Hmmmmm.

  5. Little Miss Ada has decided she's the ONLY one who gets to pick out her clothes, and let me tell ya, CB's potty training ensembles are WAY cuter. I admire your strategy here, we just put Ada on the toilet every now and then and hope for the best :O (And that explains why we're still not totally trained six months after we started.)

  6. Sweet shirt!
    Would you feel better if I told you that the only pants S has *ever* been able to wear have been those with elastic waistbands?! That, or I bungee cord the back. (Now *there's* a rocking look, let me tell you!) But, we are coming up to shorts season where even the cute plaid shorts have elastic waistbands! ;-)


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