Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CB says.

two and a half is such a fun age. really and truly! i adore just hanging out with my boy and interacting with him and his hilarity.

language development has always been a favorite of mine (major nerd with my langauge acquisition classes in college!), and watching it unfold and build and grow right in front of my eyes in my own child has been fascinating. and belly laughing funny.

here are some snippets of cb and his hysterical insights on life. and just so you don't think alllll we did during spring break was sit on the pot, i'm sprinkling this post with some snaps of a fun easter treat we made for our friends and family. pinterest insipired, natch -- holla! :)


cb on stock phrases
me: what does a daddy say?
cb: i love you.
me: awww, and what does a mommy say?
cb: pay attention.

um. i guess that's what happens when your momma's a teacher?


cb on piper
{piper barking and whining...likely at a groundhog outside. sigh.)
cb: oh no! piper crying!
me: yeah, why?
cb: she love me.

methinks my boy has a bit of a complex if he thinks living beings cry because they love him so much.
though...i suppose he's kinda right. ;)


cb on magic words:
{cb is envelopped in a giant hug from me}
cb: mommy, no!! let go!
me: okay, but you have to say the magic word!
cb: ...meeska mouska mickey mouse?


cb on his mama-razzi:
{cb pretending to take pictures of me}
cb: cheese! cheese! like this! cheese! cheeeese!
look! cheese! like this! cheese!
okay, all done. here, have treat now!

yup. i'm pretty sure that's *exactly* what i sound like. without a doubt.


and finally, a little potty humor. sorry. but, we seem to have turned a corner on the #2s and choi boy is quite proud. :)

after a success tonight:
me: yay! i'm so proud of you!
cb: i poop like a big, giant man!!


yes, don't let this sweet face (he opted to sit on the bench on a recent carousel ride and had his hands folded in his lap with such decorum the entire time.) fool you:
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he is totally a gross boy.

well...gross, but cute.


  1. Love this post! One of my favorites!!! :)

  2. Oh, this is awesome! So many funny things coming from CB lately! My favorite, by far, is the impersonation of you as Mamarazzi... that. is. awesome.

  3. What a riot - 2.5 was a fun age! Tell him I'm a huge fan of cheese too!


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