Thursday, April 26, 2012

small style: the sickies can't get us down!

the sickies hit us fairly hard last week. they came in spurts and kept sneaking back up on us just when we thought they were gone. it was part cold/virus part nasty allergies and alllllll gross. there were snots coming out of choi boy's EYES. okay, maybe not snot, per se, but definitely yellow-y, mucus-y gunk.

have i totally disgusted you yet? sorry. i was partly facsinated by this fact and needed to share. aren't you glad i did? ;)

thankfully, cb felt well enough for us venture out for a bit on saturday afternoon so we could head to the chick-fil-a fire and rescue event. it was just what we needed -- some sunshine, vitamin D, fire trucks, and of course, food!

i've decided that an oxford shirt, t-shirt, shorts, and kicks is cb's go-to spring/summer outfit.
and cb?
he couldn't care less. ;)

he was just excited to be outside again! DSC_2008-1

my mom, on the other hand, was happy to cb in his outfit and immediately whisked him away to show him off to all her friends. DSC_2014-1

and after doing all his tricks for all the ladies, cb ran off to ogle the rescue vehicles, DSC_2015-1

do a little jig,

and hug a cow.

but that's not all.
cb also got to kick back,

consume lots of chick-fil-a,

point out helicopters (there were 2!),
DSC_2028-1 DSC_2023

and enjoy a treat!

take that, sickies!
and whohoo for the very long (and much needed) nap that followed! :)

sunnies: target dollar spot
t-shirt: crewcuts, gift from a friend
oxford: did too (nordstroms), gift from a family friend
capris? cropped pants? euro shorts? whatever the bottoms are called: h&m
shoes: gap

and i realized i never picked a winner for the giveaway...oops. i'm blaming it on the sickies. so, without further ado, the winner is tina! i'll get your sandwich cards to you pronto! :)


  1. eeeek!!! i'm so excited to win! i never win anything!!! and i love chick-fil-a!!!

    um, seriously. can you be my and g's stylist, please? no really. HEY, let's hang out!

  2. I approve of CB's spring/summer 2012 wardrobe. Very adorable. And, I see that you come by your sense of style honestly - your mom is adorable in her ankle skimming green pants. The whole fam is adorbs!

  3. the sickies got us now and today was not fun! looks like you all had a great time

  4. love that we both posted about being sick (and from the sounds of it, others too!) dreaded springtime colds! glad you guys were able to fight through and keep having fun too!

  5. You already know how I feel about that outfit. LOVE IT. And seriously, this looks like such a cool event!

  6. Oh my YES! This is his summer outfit. It's perfect. I'm now officially wishing for a little boy. Thanks for that. (PS not knocked up)

  7. Stylin!
    (hope he's feeling better! eye mucus? yuck!)


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