Thursday, April 12, 2012

small style: easter sunday best.

alternatively titled, "who says green pants aren't versatile?"
alternatively alternatively titled, "another one with way too many photos of my boy"


you guys.
i'm madly in love with these green pants on cb. they're just too stinking cute!

so, of course choi boy had to don his green chinos (with a few select accessories, of course) for easter sunday. {and what a very blessed sunday it much rejoicing!}

ack. i just love him!

we tried to get a good family shot, but cb was feeling so silly that this was the best we got:
{he kept trying to bang our heads together. ow.}

we did, however, get some sweet and hilarious snaps with cb and each of us:

"are you going to let me take your picture, cb?"

"no, mommy. but i love you."
dang it. i am putty in this child's hands!

he even roped tippy eemo into a silly shot.
my sister would like me to point out and clarify that she did not wear those grody velour lounge pants to church. they are her my-annoying-older-sister-dragged-me-out-to-take-pictures-of-her-family pants.

the sillyness did provide some gems, though. like this quintessentially korean "i'm so cute" one:

poor cb.
his momma is so annoying.

all he wanted was to eat his fruit snack in peace.


and of course, here are the details:
hat: old navy
shirt: janie & jack (gift from my aunt)
bowtie: crewcuts
suspenders: american apparel
pants: gap (gift from my mom)
shoes: tiny toms (gift from my sister)

and just for giggles, i had some fun with one my favorite shots because we jokingly kept calling cb "poindexter" all day...
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i couldn't help it.


  1. What an adorable outfit for a handsome little boy! I loved this post. I have the same tendency to take oodles of photos! How can we help if with kiddos this cute!? ;-) Stopping by from Small Style. Have a great day!

  2. He looks absolutely so cute! Love the pictures!


  3. I'm trying to decide what my favorite part of his outfit is, but I can't narrow it down. I love the whole thing from the hat down to the shoes. He's adorable!

  4. Love love love!! What a stylish sweetie. You all look AMAZING!! Happy Easter to you!

  5. I seriously love this outfit on him... LOVE!!!


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