Friday, January 27, 2012

sporadic crafting.

remember that etsy shop i opened up shortly before cb came home? and remember how i joked that i was nuts to be opening up shop just before bringing home a toddler? i totally was.

just as soon as my little corner of etsy opened, it went on vacation. :) no regrets, of course. i was just a tad busy hanging out with my little rockstar.

anyway, since then, i've painted some name signs here and there for different friends and their sweet little bebes. and i thought i'd share them since i just finished something for cb and for our new little niece.

would you mind indulging me for a moment? k, thanks. :)

for a co-worker's sister (who is now also a co-worker!) and her sweet little boy.

for a co-worker's baby girl.

for sweet little ezekiel! i also made a larger version for our favorite little g-man.

little birdies for a co-worker's friend's daughter (um, yes, my co-workers have been super sweet about asking me to do some paintings for them -- so fun!)

and, for our sweet little niece, molly's little sister, who was born last week:
a cupcake again, because i can't help but think of sweet little yummies when i think of the name reese. love it. :) (oh, and E, if you're reading this, you should have this in your hands soon!)

finally, here's one i just finished for choi boy's's larger than the others (16x20, i think) and was a way to display one of the hubs' favorite bible verses:
such powerful truth in there. :)

but. i'm so mad at myself because the "you" is so squished in the first line. you see, when i was sketching it out, i forgot the word "not" and didn't realize it until i was painting the words! gah! curse you, exhaustion and delirium! oh well. if those pesky little squares didn't take forever, i'd fix it. but for now, it shall remain as is. ;)

i did love doing this one, though. not just because it's so special and for cb, but because i love writing. i don't mean the craft of writing (though i do like that quite a bit, too.), i mean actually forming letters and writing them. when i doodle, i just make letters and write words, so it was so fun to just write out the verse in varying fonts.

you know, i think one of my dream jobs would be to write those signs at trader joe's or wegmans. i could create those signs that say, "fresh shrimp by the pound!" and "local honey" or "stock up on vitamin c!" how fun would that be?! no, really!

except, i have a feeling it just wouldn't be as fulfilling as teaching.

i dunno, just a hunch. ;)

p.s. i am taking custom orders for paintings even though nothing is listed in the shop! :)


  1. Those are amazing! I cannot believe you write those letters by hand. I thought for sure they were stencils.

    If I can think of something cool and clever for E's new room I'll let you know.

  2. Those are so lovely! I adore the little girl name plaques - esp. the cupcake.

  3. so beautiful! i was thinking i needed to ask you to make another one for me, for Sarah Mercy sometime! =)

  4. Super duper heart them! I especially love "you are my sunshine". I used to sing that everyday to Lily. I will have to place an order once I get her room color scheme sorted out. Also, do watch Portlandia? If so, "put a bird on it". Ha!

  5. These are awesome... seriously awesome! And I love that you like typography. I love typography. Do you know that you can make your handwriting into your own font?! For reals. Neat... right?!


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