Tuesday, January 24, 2012

word up, baby.


i don't like that choi boy is becoming more boy than baby. but if he has to grow up (and i supposed he must), the language development sure sweetens the deal. it is seriously amazing to watch toddlers develop their language and literally double their vocabulary overnight!

cb continues to learn new words almost daily, but recently, he has also started to clear up some of his articulation. just recently, cb learned how to "correctly" pronounce his name as well as our pup's name. he used to drop the first consonant, making the names sound like this:

ahkin = his name

ahpuh = piper

he's found those first consonants, but his 'r's are still a bit muddled. and i love it. :)

another word he's cleared up? firetruck. which i'm kind of sad about because he used to call them "wee-ooh-wee-ooh trucks," imidating the siren. it was awesome.

and on that note, here are some words that he still mispronounces that i hope stay this way for at least a little while longer...

tippy eemo = tiffany eemo (my sister actually wants to be called tippy forever. i love that.)

gamote = remote (this reminds me of a certain little dude and his "gaboons")

b00bies = blueberries (this was is hilarious and adorable, albeit embarassing in public.)

cue me = excuse me (oh my gosh, this one melts my heart every time i hear it! although. the fact that it's usually after a burp or fart makes me giggle. a lot.)

teef = teeth (this boy loves to brush his teef!)

oh, and the other part of language development i love? the little misunderstandings and mash-ups that happen in their brains...it's like you get a peek into their thinking! my favorite examples?

when cb is reaching for something and it's too far, he says, "too reach!" which, in his 2 year-old brain makes perfect sense. :)

and an example that adds a smile to an otherwise sad ending to the packers' season...here's the conversation that took place after the pack lost in the first round of the playoffs:

me: oh no, buddy, the packers lost!
cb: mommy, go find it!


i wish i could, buddy, i wish i could. :)

and a little video bonus. i tried to capture some video of cb being chatty, but it was after nap and he was much more interested in mooching off tippy eemo's snack and just gave me some little one word responses here and there. however, i did manage to capture cb singing his own original mash-up of the ABC song and "twinkle twinkle little star." it goes something like this, "A B C D star. how i baby star. how i baby star..." yup, "baby star" being another mix up for "little star". and hey, he might not have any of the words right, but at least he realizes (or doesn't realize?) the tune is the same in both songs! ;) oh, and you also get to see him try and ham it up with the cute to try and get some more snacks...


  1. Adorable, as always. I'm pretty sure that Sam's speech therapist thinks I'm sabotaging her efforts as I hope that Sam will always call himself Hammie (though I hope he learns to say "s" for all other words). And I hope that he always calls Lily, Mimi. Tippy eemo is the cutest. I hope it sticks!

  2. I love it! They way kids talk makes me smile! :) Ella is starting to outgrow so many of her cute Ella-isms and it makes me sad. :( But it is fun to see their personalities and language blossom more and more!

  3. I'm impressed! I think I was an adult before I picked up on the fact that Twinkle Twinkle and the ABCs were to the same tune.

  4. OK, how cute is that mash-up?! SO CUTE! And the mooching of "tippy's" snack?! Pretty awesome too! I'm so impressed that he knows everyone's first and last names! I'm pretty sure that S doesn't know his last name... and I *know* that my first name is Mama in his world. Wow. We have some catching up to do! And, will it make you feel better to know I also mispronounce certain words, hoping to keep them around longer?! Although, I did get a reprimand from S's teacher when I slipped and said one in front of her! oops.

  5. I love toddler speak! (as frustrating as it can be at times)

  6. I've tagged you in a recent post! Come on over and check it out!

  7. Oh my, he is just the cutest! I love his sweet voice and his singing. Thanks for sharing video!


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