Wednesday, January 11, 2012

procrastination is my friend.


remember how i said i was going to finish that family day video by the end of last week?

yeah. didn't happen. i made progress though, so i'm granting myself an extention. so generous, i know.

there are about a million and one things i need to be doing right house is a mess, things at school are really kickin' it into high gear with the end of second quarter right around the corner (read: high stress! crunch time! assessments! data! ack!), we're exhausted from still coming off the holidays, we're battling the perpetual winter daycare sickies, etc, etc, etc. fun times, people.

oh, and on top of all that, my sister has been bugging me to blog. so, naturally, that's what i choose to do. :) it's true, procrastination is my friend.

and what better to blog about than an award! :)
three rules apply to this award:

1. thank the person(s) who gave this award to you.
2. list 7 things that people may not know about you.
3. pass it on to 15 other bloggers. (i'm taking that to mean 15-ish)

thank you to my sweet friend, dana, who is waiting for her darling ollie to come home from korea. go say hello and encourage her as she continues to wait!

and 7 things? man, i feel like i'm always talking about my quirky self (hello, this is my blog, after all -- and i graciously thank you for reading as i continue to yammer on...!), so it's tricky to come up with 7 more things...but here goes.

1. when watching tv or listening to music in the car or on anything that has number levels attached to the volume, the volume *must* be set on a multiple of 5. if it's not, it drives me slightly batty. i've gotten to the point where i can now keep the volume on even numbers, but i can't ever have the volume on a prime number. they bug me. i know...told ya. quirky.

2. some of my least favorite chores are unloading the dishwasher and putting away the clean laundry. i think it's because by that point i feel like i've already done so much to get those dishes and clothes clean and that extra last step just seems like so much extra work!

3. i'm really specific about paper and writing tools in different situations. my absolute favorite writing tool is the sharpie extra fine point marker. the newish sharpie pens are pretty awesome, too, but there is nothing like the flow of the marker, especially on cardstock. but, when i use either of those, it has to be on a single sheet, flat on a hard surface (preferably a table). same with if i'm writing with pencil. but, if i'm using a ball point pen or a gel pen, i have to have several sheets of paper under that one i'm actually writing on. otherwise, it doesn't feel right. (or *write*? ha!) and, i always, always have to have the cap on the bottom end of the pen, or the weight is thrown off. (do you feel better about your non-quirky self yet?)

4. i cry really easily during movies/tv shows/commericals. yes, commercials. especially ones with children or dogs. the jif commercials kill me. and have you seen that walmart commericial with the two sisters?! i don't even shop there and i was bawling at the end of the 20 second spot. it really embarasses the hubs. once, we were watching hachi and i lost it. i cried so hard i couldn't see and the hubs and the friends we were watching it with were laughing so hard at me they couldn't concentrate on the movie any more. thankfully, my sister is also exactly like this, so when we're together, we cancel each other out. or enhance the embarassment factor by 500.

5. i went to a women's college. no, we didn't have nightly pillow fights in our cute pajamas. we did, however, sometimes go to class in our gnarly pajama pants, but that's another story. while i mostly enjoyed my collegiate experience, there are times when i wish i had gone to a larger school with a big sports program. i feel a bit left out during college football and basketball seasons and wish i had a fight song to sing. somehow, "gaudeamus igitur" just doesn't cut it. but, alas, it is what it is, so stomp your feet and sing it with me, smithies, "vivat academia!"

6. have you seen the sh*t girls say videos? they are hilarious and sadly so very true. in fact, i'm guilty of saying so many of those lines verbatim without even thinking. my greatest repeat offenses? "so good, right?" (almost always referring to food) and "i can't believe i ate all that." you can see where my interests lie. :)

7. i love ice cream and i love yogurt and i love cheese, but i hate milk. so i can't really blame choi boy for hating it, too. have you seen that "got milk?" commericial with angie harmon where she tells everyone that statistics show that children whose moms drink milk are 534 times (or some other ridiculous number) more likely to enjoy and drink milk, too? makes me feel all sorts of guilty and convicted. but still not drinking any milk. blech.

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and because i would never hear the end of it from my sister if i made this all about me (it's not all about me??) and didn't include pics of cb, here ya go:
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eating cookies outside on a spring-like day

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giggles upon giggles (and not drinking milk)!

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hard at work eating a "sammitch"!

and look, tippy eemo, i'm even inlcuding a bonus video, just for you. :)


  1. YESSS THIS WAS SO SATISFYING!!! Thank you thank you thank you :)

    And seriously, what's wrong with us re: the crying. MAN, we are cry babies.

    LOVE YOU X A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OK... the pen thing has me laughing so hard right now. I have a very similar quirkiness and have been known to buy a whole slew of pens, try them out, then return the ones I hate. Oh, yes. It's bad. Great list!!!

    And now I return to bopping to CB's song!

  3. I know what you mean about needing to have a number of sheets of paper when you are using a pen. Pens need padding, but pencils need the hard table. I feel you, Grace!!!
    As for the crying at commercials, etc--on Thanksgiving after lunch, when all the men were watching football, all of us girls sat around the table eating dessert and watching sappy commercials on youtube and sobbing. Great fun!
    Thanks for the award!!

  4. Oh, I HATE putting away laundry and emptying the dishwasher too!

  5. Ah...thanks friend! I love reading tidbits about my friends..always fun to find out new things...and you are not alone on the pens. I am super picky about my writing tools...oh and sharpies...rule!! :)

  6. totally cracking up about the writing thing!! And the laundry. Hubster took away my laundry privileges back when we were first married because nothing got put away. But I'd say that worked out in my favor! And thanks for the award!

  7. #3, totally me! Gosh that's a cute kid.


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