Sunday, December 4, 2011

hot dog!

if you really think about it, mickey mouse and all his pals are a wee bit strange.

first of all, mickey and minnie really look nothing like mice. and how come none of the characters are proportional to each other (with respect to the animals they're supposed to be), but chip and dale are actually tiny? and what's up with pluto and goofy both being dogs but pluto acting like a dog and goofy acting...well, goofy? and don't even get me started on the donald duck and no pants situation.

but you know what?

those weirdos sure bring a whole lot of joy to my little boy.

i mean, just look at him breakin' it down to the hot dog song!

love it!

just love it.

and apologies for making you also watch cb's lame background dancer.



  1. Did you ever watch "Stand By Me" when you were younger? I always think of the scene of them around the campfire talking about the Mickey Mouse Club, and them saying, "what the hell is Goofy???" because is he a dog? Are you sure?? I'm just saying.....

  2. I love that CB loves the hot dog dance....we went through the Clubhouse phase and I loved to see Paul sing and dance to that song!

  3. dude's got some pretty cool moves!!!

  4. HAHAHA! That was awesome. And frankly I think his backup dancer has some mad moves, too :)


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