Monday, December 5, 2011

ellie fun day.

i want to take a moment to share about some amazing friends of ours. sarah and elton recently started a new venture called ellie fun day. rather than try and explain things in my own words (inevitably messing something up!), here's their mission and their heart in their own words:

Ellie Fun Day designs baby blankets that change the lives of marginalized women in India. Our vision is to design a beautiful baby blanket made by Untouchable-caste women, in hopes of providing a fair wage and dignified living for many who are susceptible to human trafficking.

OUR PASSION is designing beautifully luxurious baby blankets
made with natural and/or organic materials.

OUR CHALLENGE is providing a fair wage and a dignified living
by employing marginalized and under-resourced women.

OUR HEART is to change the world one blankie at a time.


People // Every life is precious.

Design // Good design empowers change.

Love // Actions rooted in love change the world.

Respect // For both people and the planet.

so cool, right?! i asked sarah if there was anything we could do to help spread the word and she wanted me to let you all know that they are holding a fundraising campaign on indiegogo (go check it out!) and they are also currently hosting a giveaway on their blog.

will you show them some love and enter the awesome giveaway?

and while you're there, take a moment and read about their story. i know it will touch your heart as much as it does mine. :)

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