Thursday, September 8, 2011


phew! i feel like these past few weeks have been a total whirlwind! where in the world did the rest of august go? how is it that our vacation seems like it was eons ago?

the last few weeks feel like they have gone super quickly, but at the same time, it feels like they have dragged on and been much longer than just a few weeks...somewhere in there, the hubs and i celebrated our 6th anniversary and the hubs turned 33. of course, i went back to work, and we all know the mixed feelings i had about that. on top of all that, choi boy got the dreaded hand, foot, and mouth disease (yay.), which made for a miserable last week of august.

now that choi boy is back to his normal, healthy, goofy self, things are going pretty well in the back-to-work situation. the first week of school is always absolute madness, but we are slowly finding our groove and adjusting well. i'm finding my balance between momma and teacher and continuing to love both and appreciate the beauty of both. although...i was pretty discouraged by one particular comment on this post. i won't get into it because it hurts my heart and wears out my brain to think about getting into it, but i am so thankful for my dear friend, tina, and her words of wisdom.

and, the craziness to add to all of this? a certain someone turns TWO tomorrow (yup, you'd better believe there are simultaneous posts going on right now) and this bright momma had the brilliant idea to schedule choi boy's birthday party on the first saturday after school starts. for no less than 80 people. no, really, i'm so very excited for it and thrilled to be able to celebrate my little man, but boy, is it a lot of work!

in fact, i don't even know why i'm writing this post. there is much to be done! ack! perhaps it's my preemptive move to show you that i'm rather cuckoo lately and to excuse any exeptionally poorly written posts and even-more-stinky-than-usual photos. i don't know. just a thought.

no, seriously. must go do actual stuff now.

for real.





  1. 80 people?!?!?! Girl, you are crazy. But that's also awesome that so many people want to celebrate your little boy. Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh, and I just went back and read the comments from the last post and I would add my two cents, but Tina covered every base there is to cover. So I will just say, Amen and preach it sister.

  3. Two is huge! (80 is huge, too!!)
    Happy birthday to Choi Boy, and go treat yourself to a massage or something, after the party...
    Also, I too enjoyed what Tina had to say in your comments on the last post. You are a great mom, and you love your son. Little M just started school last week, and I am bff with mom guilt right now. Are we going to parent perfectly? No, but we love our kids with the special, potent love of parents who waited a very long time to hold them and win their little hearts.
    You are awesome. Totally.

  4. Yay! Happy Birthday CB! Instead of a dol party you can have a super awesome dul party.

    I hope that "Gabi's" comment won't hinder you from continuing to blog about the things that are on your heart. Following your God-blessed journey to CB was a blessing to me and I know that you're journey to parent him (and other little ones) will continue to be such an encouragement (ok, and entertainment) to many.

  5. Oh, my! 80 people? You're nuts! LOL Have a fabulous party!

  6. Wow, you are one busy bee Grace!! I have no doubt you can pull it all
    off because you are awesome. I can't wait to hear how the big birthday
    bash turns out and see photos!

    As for Gabi's comment, I should probably just keep my mouth shut but I
    can't. Sigh. The self-righteousness of some people just leave me speechless sometimes. What a small world she lives in. Did she not stop to think that perhaps God meant for you to teach not ONLY your own child but other children as well because you are a gifted teacher? I'm not a particularly religious person myself and I can't pull random bible quotes out of the air to make my point but I do know that God blesses people with certain gifts and those gifts are meant to be shared with others. (Otherwise, what is the point?) As I've said in the past, Max would be so incredibly lucky to be taught by you. If only. And the fact that you are sharing your gift of teaching with other people's children on a daily basis, in no way dilutes the love and education you provide at home. In fact, I believe it probably strengthens it. Hugs, Grace.

  7. You are super mama! Planning a party for 80?!! I hope it went fabulously. It's amazing how you do get into a groove working and managing your home life-- but sometimes it is a delicate balance and you just hope that nothing rocks the boat to set things off course!

  8. wasn't planning for his party wedding planning take 2? =) can't wait to see pics from it! where are pics of you & your hubby celebrating 6 years? =P


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