Friday, April 12, 2013

they see me rollin'...

Yeah, I know. I made a big stink about how I was going to be a better blogger and here I am, posting my very first April post on the 12th of the month. We've been batting a NASTY stomach bug that's been going around, so that's my excuse. Besides, you wouldn't want an entire post about that, would you?

Anyways. On days when we haven't been sick, Choi Boy has been loving riding his balance bike. He received it for his 3rd birthday from his Hahmuhnee and Hahbuhjee and while he enjoyed it in the fall, CB has really taken off on his rollin' and ridin' skillz during the last month.

If you're not familiar with balance bikes, they are toddler/preschooler sized bicycles with 2 wheels and no pedals. The concept is that as kids learn to scoot and balance on the bikes (think Fred Flinstone -- scoot, scoot, scoot and glide), they will transition more easily into riding a two-wheeler without having to first ride with training wheels. I've been really interested in them since I first heard about them a few years ago and last summer, when we saw a pack of preschool-aged boys cruising on their balance bikes, we were sold!

CB just recently gained the courage to really balance (instead of just scooting around) and loves going for long glides and down small hills. Indulge me if you will (3 times) and check out CB in action:

(BTW, the second and third video were taken only a week a part. We've had some wacky weather!)

It's so fun to watch our little guy on his little bike...if he keeps up with it, I think we might try to get him on a two-wheeler this summer!

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  1. We love our boys' Strider bike. Daniel was riding a 2-wheeler before he was 3 1/2 due to the strider bike. Matthew is loving the bike now and we know Owen will love it just as much!


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