Sunday, March 31, 2013


I know, if you're still around this neck o' the blogosphere and reading this, you're probably thinking, "Who is this consistent blogger that has taken over Chois-R-Us??"

But, as you can tell from the pun-tastic titles, it's me. You see, I still have a few posts from January and February that I never wrote. And I don't really feel like playing catch up again. So instead, I'm going to try to just keep up with things from now on. We'll see how long that lasts. (My bet is on 3 weeks. ;) )

Anyway, yesterday, we went to an Easter Egg-stravaganza sponsored by a local church. They had some great activities for the kids and Choi Boy had a total blast!

Of course, before we dove into things, we had to take the obligatory picture with the obligatorily creepy Easter Bunny.
Why does he (she?) look so angry??

Once we put our kiddo through the necessary EB torture, we headed off to the Egg Roll! (sidenote: before we walked over, I said, "Oooh, look! Let's go do the Egg Roll!" to which the hubs responded, "Mmm...egg rolls...I want one.")
At one point, CB thought it wasn't going fast enough, so he tried to throw the egg and bat it with the wooden spoon. That's my boy! ;)

And then it was off to the moon bounce! The moon bounces were divided up by ages, which was great, so CB didn't have to contend with any really big kids, and instead could really go at it!

After that, some parachute fun!
It was some serious "hare"-raising fun. ;)

Finally, some giant bubble blowing!

Phew! After all that, CB had worked up an appetite and spent some time munching on the candy he won and some pizza. And there was also some lounging.

Now that CB is a little older and able to really *do* things, we have such fun at these kinds of events. So thankful for the community members that put them together for families to enjoy!
And yes, despite his face here, CB really did enjoy himself. This is just his, "Quit with the picture-taking, Mommy!" face. ;)

Happy Easter to you and yours! He is risen indeed!!


  1. OK... this looks like LOTS of fun! Next year I need to be better about the activities leading up to this day. Happy Easter!

  2. This looks so fun! I love that CB tried to "bat" the egg. And that angry Easter bunny is hilarious!


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