Friday, April 19, 2013

a lovely day on the farm.

Have I mentioned before how much I love where we live? Well, I do, I really do. One of the things I love most is our parks authority and all of the awesome (and free!) places that are available to us through it. Here we are just outside a major city and a few miles down the road, nestled in between suburban subdivisions, is a working farm, complete with an old farmhouse, preserved to interpret a farm during the 1920s-1950s. It's one of my favorite places around here and we love to visit throughout the year.
At first glance, you'd think this sweet farm was out in the country, but nope, it's just down the road!

Yesterday was one of those Spring days when you just had to get outside and bask in the breezy sunshine, allergies be darned. ;) We headed over to the farm with some of our favorite friends and we were met with the exciting news that the barns were filled with new babies, including baby goats born just that morning!
Those piggies were so cute! And I love how they look like they're walking around on high heels. ;)

Unfortunately, Choi Boy was acting like a total city slicker and did this the entire time we were around the animals:
I'm not kidding. The ENTIRE time.
So embarrassing.

We even got to watch and help with the daily cow milking!

Of course, CB wanted nothing to do with cow milking...
...and eventually walked himself out of the barn and waited for us by the door.

Fortunately for CB, the old tractors were not as smelly.
And, really, the mommies cared more about the sweet little baby animals more than the kiddos, who were happy to just run and run and run around the farm and playground. (I wish I had even a quarter of that kiddo energy!)

Of course, since we were there with CB's little lady, we were able to capture some more sweetness for their future wedding slideshow...;)
Can't even stand it. 

So thankful for sweet friends, sweet Spring days and sweet outings...


  1. I'm laughing so hard at CB's reaction right now... he's not going to like visiting us very much if the winds are blowing a certain direction... we have farms on both sides of our development! ;)

  2. Oh fresh country air! Don't blame him though - seriously - it sin't the most pleasant smell! But that is an amazing resource to have right in your area - we have lots of farms - just nothing public like yours. Very cool.

  3. What a cool farm and I'd be so excited to see those baby goats & pigs! Hilarious that CB was holding his nose the whole time - city kid!


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