Thursday, March 28, 2013

the coldest easter egg hunt ever.

I know, I can't believe it either. Here I am, posting 2 days in a row. Whaaa?


So, yesterday I shared about the super cold and wintery March we've been having. As I mentioned, the weather pendulum has been swinging between warm-ish Spring-like days to full-on winter weather days. Of course, last weekend when we were scheduled to participate in an Easter egg hunt at a local farm, it was a full-on winter weather day. Yay.

When I signed Choi Boy up for this egg hunt, I had visions of him dressed adorably in sweet pastels, complete with a straw fedora. I thought we'd have fun hunting for the hidden eggs that would be cleverly placed in flower beds or between fence posts. And I envisioned us admiring and cooing over the sweet new baby lambs, chicks and calves over in the stables before we headed home to check out the loot in CB's eggs.

Yeah, not one bit of that happened.

First, it was FREEZING. Literally. We were bundled up in full winter gear, complete with boots because it was starting to snow. 
You can see how excited CB was about being bundled up. And you can see my pretend excitement in my overly cheesy smile. 

Secondly, those clever hiding places? Didn't exist. 

Look at how the eggs were "hidden":
I suppose this could also be called the Lamest Easter Egg Hunt ever, too.

But, regardless, we tried to make the most of it, and CB did have fun running around and putting eggs in his basket.

All of that took about 8 minutes. And as soon as we were done we made a beeline to the car and drove home through the snow.

And the eggs? We came home super excited to open them and found that they didn't contain one bit of sugary goodness and instead, each egg held 1 thing like a tattoo or a tiny eraser or a fake coin. Lame.

Oh well. CB did have fun and he loves playing with now empty plastic eggs...We have another egg hunt we'll be going to this weekend, and hopefully we won't have to wear snowsuits this time!


  1. yep, exactly how ours was last week. all thrown in the grass on top of each other and each child could only pick up 6 eggs..which took all of 20 seconds. good times ..while we took froze our butts off. ;)

  2. OK, maybe I'm not so sad about not getting it together for holiday events after all! Whoa. What a letdown.
    (And who are you, you crazy blogger person!) :-)


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