Wednesday, March 27, 2013

in like a lion, out like a...lion?

If you know me in real life, you've probably heard me complain about being cold. Like, once every hour. Winter is definitely not my favorite. And this winter has been chock full of blah. We got weird weather patterns where it would be sunny and Spring-like and then the next day it would snow! We didn't have any major snowfall this year, but just lots of little showers of wet, fluffy snow.

Of course, the most significant snow we got would happen in March, when winter was supposed to be on its merry way. You know how they say March comes in like a lion? It did. We had our one and only snow day during the first week of March:
So, naturally, we got out the beach toys and went out for a romp in the snow!

And of course, hot chocolate was to be had afterwards!

You know how the rest of that saying goes, "...out like a lamb"?

Yeah. Not so much.

Because on our first day of Spring Break, we second biggest snowfall (a measly 3 inches, but whatevs) of the season.


Choi Boy woke up squealing, "It's snowing! It's Christmas!" It really did feel more like Christmas Break than it did Spring Break! At least we got a fun snowman out of it...

My boys had a ton of fun outside, especially when they ganged up on momma and pelted me with snowballs.  And the shifty-eyed snowman? He promptly melted after the temps got up to 40 degrees and 2 days later, there is no snow in sight. Hopefully, we won't see more the white stuff again until next Winter!

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  1. I still cannot believe that you got snow on SPRING break!!! Wow. I'm so over this winter. But, you inspire me to post about it...


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