Thursday, February 28, 2013


I know I *just* posted about Choi Boy's talking, but language development has been my favorite part of CB's growing up. Hearing him talk and having conversations with him softens the blow that my baby is getting bigger!

You've read some of the gems of CB's chats, but I wanted to be sure to write down some of his current mispronunciations and misinterpretations. Mostly because it's so darn cute! (I'm also peppering this post with some recent Instagram shots, because CB's grandparents would not be happy with a pictureless post. Actually, who am I kidding, neither would I!)

*    *    *
CB has a lisp (or shall I say, "lithp") and still mixes up the /l/ for /y/, for example, "yellow" is "yeyow". It's my favorite and I yuv it. I know he's not expected to have those sounds correct until he's 7 or so, so for now, I'm enjoying how adorable his speech sounds!
yes, that would be CB out for ice cream in his jammies. you can blame hahmee and hahbee, natch.

*    *    *
And here are some of his misinterpretations:
hanitizer = hand sanitizer

torrible = terrible/horrible

weesgusting = disgusting

perry chicker = cherry picker

Old MacDonald's = McDonald's (CB has been to Mickey D's all of 2 times, so I don't blame him for the misunderstanding, nor do I care to correct it!)

train baby = train tender (I love this one!)

playover = playdate (CB coined this phrase thinking that if a sleepover is when you go over someone's house to sleep, a playover must be when you go over someone's house to play!)

*     *     *
CB's version of Ring a Round the Rosie:
Ring a round the rosie
Hasha polka rosie
Ashes, ashes
All we fall down!

Jingle Bells, CB style:
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way!
Oh the fun it is to go on a slip and slide
Hooray, YAY!

Clearly, this child is not winning any of those song lyric game shows any time soon.

*     *     *
CB's favorite song right now is "I Like to Move it Move it" from Madagascar (he hasn't seen the movie, but it comes up on Pandora). He loves to sing it and one day said, "Mommy, this song is so weesgusting! They say 'I like to potty potty!!'"

Yeah, it's actually, "I like to party, party," but, whatevs, same thing, no?

I love language development! It's my favorite. :)

What are some fun things your little ones are saying lately?


  1. I love it too! So adorable! My fave is "hanitizer," He should totally market that phrase, I mean, think of all the time we'd save not having to pronounce that extra syllable! My favorite mispronunciation of Ada's is "pretending" = "be tending." As in "I be tending that I'm a mommy..." And Miles still has some languishing baby talk at almost 6 years old that I'm in no hurry to correct...

  2. Hahaha that's too cute to be missed, Grace... For me, we mainly speak our native language, which is Indonesian, and we call diapers as pampers here, my 21mos Daphne always mispronun as "mampus" (read :mumpush) well, it sounds cute but actually this word means "dead" hehehe, and it is too a swearing/cursing too....hahaha one day my sis in law heard and looked quite unhappy, LOL, lucky I was there to clear up the misunderstanding :)-Ria-

  3. Oh, it must be so much fun to listen to them at this phase, coining their own phrases and words. I don't know, torrible might actually catch on as a real word eventually. It's sort of in the same vein as ginormous. :)

  4. He slays me. Keep chattin' away, CB!!

  5. Cute! My DD coined the phrase "transgoogle" when she asked me how to say the number 6 in Mandarin, she said "Mama, transgoogle that please!" meaning that she wants me to Google translate it.

  6. I love all his adorable misinterpretations! So great that you are writing them down so you don't forget. I need to do that. These photos are all so freaking cute, too!

  7. He is such a funny guy!! I really need to do any updated post on some of Spencer's funnies. I think he and CB could have a whole act! :-) There were so many gems... but the mature girl I am is snickering away at "I like to potty potty!"

  8. Train baby is pretty adorable!


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