Saturday, December 22, 2012

jingle on the lake!

you know what's awesome? free family events. you know what's even more awesome? free family events that are FUN! :)

a few weekends ago, we hopped on over to the next town for "jingle on the lake" -- an annual event for families right on the (man-made) lake in the middle of the (planned) community.

it coincided with the last farmers market of the season, so there were some fun vendors, activities for littles, a petting zoo, and best of all, santa himself arrived on a boat!
at first, choi boy wasn't quite sure what to think of the big guy, seeing as how he'd only seen him in person once before, but he warmed up enough to sit on santa's lap!
and cb was all smiles when daddy told him to tell santa that all he wanted for christmas was a superbowl win!

(how cool is it that santa just hangs out and you can take your own pictures with him??)

now, santa is cool, but after hanging out with him, cb met someone he loved even more.
look at this cutie!

cb thought he (she?) was just adorable (we all did!) and loved him...and the feeling was mutual!
seriously, it was SO cute. the little piggy just wanted to be near cb!
i mean, come on. can you even handle the cuteness that is a 3 year-old and a little piggy making eyes at each other? too much!

add in a visit to the used book shop (used book shops are just full of magic, don't you think?), and it was the perfect afternoon!

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  1. OK. So many things to love.
    1. Free Festive events!
    2. Free Santa Photo ops! (We SO need that here!)
    3. THE PIGGY!!!
    4. Your outfit. Can you please take me shopping when we meet?! Pretty please!?


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