Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Now that Choi Boy is 3 and understanding so much, we wanted to be intentional about teaching him the story of our Savior's birth.

At the end of last month, I found this Christmas Countdown book that seemed just right for a 3 year-old. Each day tells a small part of the Christmas story and includes a suggestion for an activity, a prayer, and a short bible verse. It has been perfect for a short evening family devotion and has been easy for CB to understand.

He has loved learning about Baby Jesus and His birthday! In fact, CB began asking if he could get such and such for Baby Jesus as a birthday present. We told CB that all Jesus wants is his heart (meaning his love -- we cleared up the literal heart very early on!) and since then, he's been talking about how he will give Baby Jesus his heart for his birthday. :)

We also have a "traditional" chocolate advent calendar that we have enjoyed opening and reading as a sweet treat after our devotion.

CB has been happy to share his chocolate and loves finding the number for each day.
It has been so much fun and such a blessing!

Of course, while it's been mostly sweetness and love as CB really shows us that he is beginning to understand what the hoopla is all about, it hasn't been without the usual CB hilarity...

Case in point:
At church the other week, we walked in as they were singing "O Come All Ye Faithful." CB looked up at me excitedly after he heard "O Come" and said, "Oppan Gangnam Style!"
Um. Not exactly, buddy. ;)

And one more:
CB has loved reading our Christmas devotions, but let's be honest, his favorite part is the chocolate. The other day, when he asked if it was time to read and I told him it was, he jumped up and down and shouted, "YES!!! Jesus chocolate!"

Such a silly little dude! So blessed to be celebrating our third Christmas together!


  1. Sounds like you're off to a good start balancing the secular Christmas hoopla and what it means to you on a more spiritual level. We're agnostic and are struggling with how to convey the deeper meaning of this holiday beyond candy (and there have been so many tears over that candy). Anyway, thanks for sharing! That's fantastic that CB is catching on!

  2. I super duper love the last pic of CB - such joy in his expression. And on the topic of happy birthday Jesus and Gangam Style, Sam (not quietly) began singing "happy birthday Jesus" during church last week. Aww, so cute, right? Until he added in "hey sexy wadies". Awesome. I'm sure his Catholic school teachers are very happy to learn that we allow him to listen to the unedited version of Gangam Style.

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! "Jesus Chocolate!" I love it!


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