Tuesday, October 16, 2012


welcome to another edition of CBisms...aka, the funny and ridiculous things my child says that i don't want to forget. :)

indulge me a moment, will you?

choi boy, on self-reflection:
the other day, we were at the library for storytime and cb was being...not so pleasant. (in his defense, the storytime was dreadfully boring and the lady didn't even sing pete the cat correctly, let alone even reading the words properly.) later on, at the mall, cb looked up at me and we had the following conversation:
cb: mommy?
me: yes, baby?
cb: i'm sorry.
me: sorry about what?
cb: i'm sorry about the library. 
me: oh? why are you sorry?
cb: i was screaming and whining. i'm sorry.
he might have earned an extra fruit snack afterwards...

cb, the junk food lover:
while we were at wegmans, the bin at the start of the register line was full of packages of cotton balls. cb excitedly squealed and exclaimed:
"oooh, mommy! look at all those marshmallows!"

and while on one of our many visits to chick-fil-a, as soon as we got out of the car, cb said,
"mommy, today, i want BROWN nuggets NOT white nuggets. okay? okay??"
seems the boy already appreciates fried goodness over grilled chicken...

cb, on colloquialisms:
while running in circles on a recent walk, i told cb to slow down and calm down a bit. to which he shouted,
"oh! i need to chill down? okay! i'll chill down!"

on his doggy sister:
one of cb's chores is feeding piper. piper is eager to eat at any moment and once she hears her food container being opened, she runs over. cb, relishing the only authority he really has in this family, often lectures piper as he feeds her. this snippet is one my favorites:
"piper, you have to be patient. i have to help you... you don't have arms, girl!"

and finally,

cb, on fashion:
it's no secret that i love boys in cardigans. so you can imagine that the hubs' wardrobe boasts a few. the other day, the hubs pulled out a cardigan he hadn't worn since last winter. cb looked the hubs up and down and the two of them had this conversation:
cb: is that mommy's sweater?
the hubs: no! it's mine!
cb: why are you wearing mommy's sweater? did mommy let you borrow it?
the hubs: it's not mommy's. it's daddy's sweater.
cb: that's so nice that mommy let you borrow her sweater!
the hubs: it's not -- forget it.

he promptly took the cardigan off. and then i made him put it back on so i could take this snap for this post:
you be the judge. i think he looks good. cb is three.

i tell ya. sometimes, watching my little boy grow before my eyes is no fun. time can be a jerk. but, watching him grow in language development and hearing him share his thoughts in these conversational gems are enough to turn my heart into mush.

i love my growing boy.


  1. this made me laugh and cry. he is loved!

  2. I love this post. I was giggling and then outright laughing over the sweater, then tearing up at the last paragraph. So much sweetness in your boy!

  3. this post is so sweet and funny and sad. i guess that's like being a mommy.

  4. The sweater convo had me dying over here. He's hysterical! And being sorry about the library? I would have died of happiness. LOVE that snap at the end :)

  5. "you don't have arms, girl!" bahahaha! and the sweater conversation is great!


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