Monday, November 7, 2011

my baby singing, "baby".

i feel like i need to defend myself.

i can't believe this is my second post about the biebs.

i promise we don't sit around and rock out ("rock out" being a relative term) to his songs all day every day. for reals.

we do listen to the glee station a lot on my pandora, though. and whenever the glee version of "baby" came on, choi boy would get very excited. so, i pressed the little thumbs up button. and lo and behold, because i "liked" it, the original version of the song came up. and cb loved it even more. so thumbs-up'ed that one, too.

i know!

but it's so cute when cb sings along.

SO cute!

okay, you can go ahead and throw your music snob tomatoes at me now.

i promise, the next song choi boy learns to sing will be a ray lamontagne or U2 or beatles song.

no, seriously. how cute would it be to hear a two-year old sing, "trouble" or "the sweetest thing" or "blackbird"?

we'll work on it.

that would make up for this silly teeny bopper pop, right?



  1. Too cute for tomatoes! Luckily, when you're that adorable, it doesn't matter what you're rocking out to... Goodness that's just TOO CUTE!

  2. are you kidding me?! so, so cute! i love the head bob that cb has going on.

    and as soon as i saw the title to this post, i was like, "geez, another post about bieber." while shaking my head ;).

  3. Oh. My. Word. I Love this!!! LOVE!!! It totally makes up for the fact that it's the Biebs. ;-)

  4. He is so cute!!! :) By the way - I gave you a blog award on my blog.

  5. i think it's adorable!!! oh now i have that song in my head! lol...btw...did you know he has a christmas album? i heard the drummer boy song...pretty neat. lol!

  6. oh my that is cute! ( but wondering if i need to make another jib jab video starring you and the biebs? ;)

  7. Oh my goodness, that head bob is too stinkin' much!!
    I'm a music snob, BUT a good song is a good song no matter who records it. "Baby" is ok in my book!

  8. That is awesome! And the head bobbing is fantastic - the next Biebs in the making! (Btw... I'm now following Biebs on Instragram! Gotta keep up on my hometown boy! I'm really turning into a geek)


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